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Awesome iPhone Home Screen Tips & Tricks (Video)

We have an awesome video from iReviews which shows us a range of iPhone Home Screen tips and tricks. With the release of iOS 17, iPhone users have been treated to an array of home screen tricks designed to enhance the overall user experience. These features not only streamline operations but also offer a level of customization that allows for a more personalized interaction with your device. Let’s delve into these useful tips and tricks that promise to elevate your iPhone experience.

Pinpoint and Share Your Location Instantly

Have you ever found yourself needing to mark your current location or share it without the hassle of navigating through apps? iOS 17 introduces a seamless way to do just this directly from the Maps app icon. A simple use of 3D Touch on the icon allows you to mark your current location or share it with others, bypassing the need to open the Maps app entirely.

Effortless Privacy with Quick Access to Safari’s Private Tab

For those moments when you seek the privacy of browsing without leaving a trace, the updated Safari app has got you covered. A quick 3D Touch on the Safari icon on your home screen now opens a new private tab instantly, making private browsing more accessible than ever.

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Swift App Switching

Navigating through open apps is now more efficient with a simple swipe at the bottom of the screen. This gesture allows you to switch back to the last used app or swiftly move through your open applications, eliminating the need to engage the app switcher.

Simplified App and Page Management

Rearranging apps on your home screen has never been smoother. With the ability to drag an app and simultaneously switch pages or jump to the App Library using another finger, organizing your apps is now a breeze.

Dynamic Island Utilization

For iPhone models equipped with Dynamic Island, interacting with ongoing background activities such as music playback becomes a fluid experience. Swiping right or left on the Dynamic Island allows you to hide or display these activities at your convenience.

Spotlight Search Upgrades

Finding and organizing apps is more streamlined with enhancements to Spotlight Search. You can now drag apps from the search results directly onto the home screen. Plus, the “Go” button on the keyboard offers a shortcut to open the top search result immediately.

App Library Shortcuts

Navigating the App Library is quicker and more intuitive, thanks to the ability to tap on letters or drag your finger along the scrollbar. This feature enables you to jump directly to apps starting with a specific letter, simplifying the search process within your library.

Concealing Home Screen Widgets

For those who prefer a minimalist home screen, iOS 17 introduces a clever method to hide widgets using a transparent overlay. This overlay can be swiped away to reveal the hidden widget, maintaining a clean aesthetic while keeping your widgets accessible.

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Dockland for a Cleaner Look

Achieving a cleaner home screen look is now possible with Dockland, an app that modifies wallpapers to visually conceal the dock. This customization option allows for a more streamlined appearance, enhancing the visual appeal of your home screen.


These tips and tricks serve to not only improve the privacy and efficiency of using your iPhone but also offer a degree of customization that lets you tailor your device to your liking. From quick access to private browsing in Safari to a cleaner and more organized home screen, these features are designed to make your iPhone experience more enjoyable and productive. Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user or new to the iOS platform, these enhancements are sure to contribute to a more efficient and personalized interaction with your device.

Source & Image Credit: iReviews

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