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Audio Essentials Deals from Wavebone, K&M, and Millenium


Audio Essentials Deals from Wavebone, K&M, Millenium, and the t.racks  · 


In this edition of Audio Essentials Deals, you can save up to 40% on useful accessories and peripherals for your home recording setup.

Audio Essentials Deals

Whether it’s a larger desk, a more comfortable chair, or some useful multicore cables to connect up your gear, this is a great opportunity to save while upgrading your studio. Let’s have a closer look at the offers available:

the sssnake MXP 8030

When dealing with hardware workflows, less is certainly more when it comes to cabling. So if you need to connect up your multichannel audio interface to a mixer or patchbay, the sssnake MXP 8030 is a great way to do it.

the sssnake MXP 8030
the sssnake MXP 8030

Besides the main outs, the outputs on multichannel interfaces require TRS connectors. This means you’ll have 8 channels to work with and 3 meters of reach and you have male XLR connectors on the other end.

In addition, these cables are balanced and colour-coded, making it easy to configure your setup and incorporate your favourite gear.

the t.racks MS6

When you’re putting your first home studio together, organizing cables can be a headache. What’s more, it’s such a hassle plugging individual instruments in every time you want to use them.

the t.racks MS6
the t.racks MS6

Luckily, with the t.racks MS6 6-channel power distributor, you can route all your power leads to one central hub. Each of the six plug points has its own discrete switch, which is handy for turning off individual units.

Without too much trouble, you can run your studio monitors, PC, display, and a few instruments all from this single box. In addition, you also have access to the fuses on each channel via the front panel.

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*Please note that this product is designed for use in EU countries.

Millenium ST-95

Whether you’re performing on stage or practicing at home, doing it with comfort and stability can make a big difference. Instruments such as guitars, keyboards, brass, and woodwinds require hours of practice, and the Millenium ST-95 is built to make this easier.

Millenium ST-95
Millenium ST-95

With an adjustable padded backrest, padded seat, and footrest, the ST-95 can be configured to be the best seat in the house. Meanwhile, the seat can reach 860 mm with the backrest removed, otherwise, it can sit between 620 – 780 mm.

Overall, the ST-95 offers solid build quality and it’s easy to assemble. What’s more, you can add the optional guitar bracket to keep your favourite weapon at the ready.

*Need more than one? Save even more on this item with quantity discounts.

K&M 19789 Biobased Tablet Holder

Give your vocal booth a more professional edge with the K&M 19789 Biobased Tablet Holder. Your clients or collaborators can read session notes and write lyrics from an iPad, or you can simply use it to punch in when recording solo.

K&M 19789 Biobased Tablet Holder
K&M 19789 Biobased Tablet Holder

K&M is renowned for sturdy manufacturing, so you can be sure that this stand will remain functional, even after years in the studio. The universal tablet holder will fit any size tablet, and the extendable stand with its swiveling arm can be adjusted with precision.

Furthermore, the 300mm stand and 4.5 kg cast iron base ensure its stability, whether you use it on the stage or in studio.

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Wavebone Headquarter Studio Desk

The Wavebone Headquarter Studio Desk allows you to upgrade your workstation and centralize all of your favourite toys. For starters, the monitor shelf provides 9U of total rack space divided into three columns.

Wavebone Headquarter Studio Desk
Wavebone Headquarter Studio Desk

In addition, there’s an adjustable 88-key keyboard shelf that moves on z-design casters. This has six positions to find the perfect height, and with the Headquarter’s steel and MDF construction, it can handle your main controller keyboard comfortably.

If your room allows, the Headquarter is a great option for home studios, allowing you to focus your workflow in one place and it has the option of a cable bracket to keep things tidy.

More about Audio Essentials Deals:

*Note: percentage discounts may vary according to your region and currency conversion rates on the day of purchase. Displayed percentage discounts are guidelines only.

Audio Essentials Deals from Wavebone, K&M, Millenium, and the t.racks

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