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Atari 400 Mini games console officially launches March 28th 2024

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Retro Games Ltd. is bringing a slice of the past into the present with the upcoming release of the Atari 400 Mini. Slated to hit the shelves on March 28, 2024, this sleek new device is a nod to the beloved 1979 home computer, now reimagined with the latest technology to deliver a unique blend of old-school charm and contemporary gaming functionality.

At the heart of the Atari 400 Mini is its powerful emulation capability. This feature is a bridge to the past, giving users the ability to play a vast array of classic 8-bit Atari computer games as well as titles from the Atari 5200 console. For those who grew up in the era of the original Atari, or for newcomers curious about the roots of modern gaming, the Atari 400 Mini offers a treasure trove of iconic titles that were pivotal in the early landscape of home computing.

Atari 400 Mini games console

The device doesn’t just rest on the laurels of nostalgia, however. It comes with a host of enhancements that cater to the expectations of today’s gamers. The updated CX40 joystick, a staple of the Atari experience, now features additional function buttons and is USB-compatible, ensuring that navigating through the retro game collection is both intuitive and enjoyable.

Atari 400 Mini games console

One of the most exciting features of the Atari 400 Mini is its USB connectivity. This addition allows players to import their own collections of 8-bit games via USB drives, expanding the console’s library and ensuring that all-time favorites are never out of reach. This level of personalization is a significant step up from the original Atari 400, which had no such capability.

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The gaming experience is further refined with the introduction of game rewind and save options. These modern conveniences address one of the biggest limitations of the original system: the inability to correct mistakes or save progress. Now, players can easily undo errors and pick up where they left off, making for a more forgiving and satisfying gaming session.

European launch trailer

Visuals are another area where the Atari 400 Mini shines. The console features an HDMI output, ensuring that the classic games look their best on modern TVs. The system supports both 50/60 Hz, catering to a global audience and guaranteeing that the visuals are crisp and vibrant. Additionally, the inclusion of five USB ports means that players can connect extra controllers and compatible devices, opening up the possibility for multiplayer fun and enhancing the overall versatility of the console.

Despite these modern touches, the Atari 400 Mini remains true to its roots in terms of design. It sports the distinctive look of the 1970s original, complete with the iconic color scheme and style that made the Atari 400 a household name. This attention to detail makes the console not just a gaming device but also a statement piece that can take pride of place in any living room.

Atari 400 Mini features

The package is comprehensive, including the Atari 400 Mini console itself, the revamped CX40 joystick, an HDMI cable for easy setup, a USB power cable, and a quick start guide to get players up and running in no time. While a power adapter is not included, the system is designed to work with any standard USB power source, ensuring easy integration with existing home setups.

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To kickstart the nostalgia trip, the console comes preloaded with 25 classic games. These include fan favorites like Berzerk, Boulder Dash, and Missile Command, offering a curated experience of Atari’s rich gaming history. This selection is more than just a trip down memory lane; it’s a testament to the enduring appeal of these games and their influence on the gaming industry.

The Atari 400 Mini retro gaming console unveiled by Retro Games offers gamers a bridge between the past and the present, designed to appeal to both long-time fans and those who are discovering the joys of classic gaming for the first time. With its robust emulation, modernized controls, expanded game library, and sleek design, the Atari 400 Mini by Retro Games Ltd. is poised to bring the golden age of gaming into the homes of a new generation.

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