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ASUS IoT Edge AI computers and motherboards

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ASUS IoT has recently unveiled an impressive update to their industrial computing products, introducing a series of advanced industrial motherboards and edge AI computers. These new offerings are engineered to harness the power of the latest 14th generation Intel Core processors, which are specifically designed to handle the rigorous demands of industrial operations. The goal of these products is to provide users with enhanced performance, greater energy efficiency, and improved connectivity options to meet the evolving needs of industrial applications.

At the heart of these new ASUS IoT products is the integration of the 14th generation Intel Core processors. These processors are built to offer a solid and reliable platform for critical industrial tasks, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently. The inclusion of these processors means that ASUS IoT’s latest products are capable of delivering a significant boost in computing performance, which is crucial for industries that rely on fast and accurate data processing.


To complement the new processors, ASUS IoT has also embraced DDR5 memory technology. This latest memory standard offers a 50% increase in transfer speeds compared to DDR4, as well as an 8% improvement in power efficiency. The adoption of DDR5 means that industries can benefit from faster data processing and lower energy costs, which are key factors for any business looking to improve its operational efficiency and reduce overhead.

Another important feature of these new products is the support for PCIe 5.0. This technology doubles the data transfer rates offered by the previous generation, PCIe 4.0. By including PCIe 5.0 support, ASUS IoT ensures that their systems are prepared for future upgrades, whether it’s adding more storage capacity or enhancing graphics performance. This forward-thinking approach is essential for keeping pace with the rapidly changing requirements of industrial applications.

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Edge AI Computers

For industrial tasks that require high-quality visuals, ASUS IoT has integrated Intel UHD Graphics technology into their products. This allows for the management of 8K60 HDR video and the operation of multiple 4K60 displays simultaneously. High-resolution visual capabilities are increasingly important in industrial settings where clear and precise monitoring and control are necessary for effective operation.

Security is a top priority in industrial environments, and ASUS IoT has taken significant steps to strengthen the security features of their new products. In partnership with Intel, they have implemented a suite of security measures, including Boot Guard, Platform Trust Technology, AES-NI, and VT. These features are designed to protect systems from various threats and ensure a secure operating environment.

Support for Wi-Fi 7

Connectivity is also a key focus, with the introduction of Wi-Fi 7 support, which can achieve speeds of up to 5 Gbps. This is particularly beneficial in industries where fast and reliable data transfer and communication are critical.

ASUS IoT recognizes that the industrial sector has a wide range of needs, and as such, they offer their products in various form factors. These include ATX, micro ATX, Mini-ITX, and thin Mini-ITX, providing options for different space requirements and configurations. This variety ensures that there is a suitable motherboard or AI computer for every industrial application, no matter the specific needs of the operation.

For industries looking to incorporate advanced AI capabilities, ASUS IoT’s PE4000G and PE6000G edge AI computers are excellent options. These devices are designed to support sophisticated AI applications, enabling industries to leverage machine learning and data analytics for smarter decision-making and increased automation.

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The latest industrial motherboards and edge AI computers from ASUS IoT represent a significant step forward in industrial computing. With the incorporation of cutting-edge Intel Core processors, DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0, and Wi-Fi 7, these products are not just keeping up with technological progress—they are leading the charge. They are well-equipped to address the challenges faced by modern industries, whether it involves upgrading existing systems or building new infrastructures. With ASUS IoT’s new solutions, industries can confidently move forward, knowing they have the technology to support their operations now and in the future.

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