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ASRock AMD Ryzen 8040 mini PCs and motherboard unveiled

ASRock Industrial has unveiled its cutting-edge 4X4 BOX 8040 Series Mini PCs and 4X4 8040 Motherboard Series, both of which are powered by AMD Ryzen 8040 Series APUs. These new products are set to revolutionize the market with their impressive specifications and advanced features, setting new benchmarks for performance and versatility.

At the heart of these new products is the AMD Ryzen 8040 Series APUs, which feature up to 8 “Zen 4” cores and 16 threads. This powerful core configuration is complemented by AMD Radeon 700M graphics, delivering a seamless visual experience for users. The 4X4 BOX 8040 Series and 4X4 8040 Motherboard Series are also equipped with AMD Ryzen AI, boasting 16 NPU TOPS. This results in a significant 1.6x increase in AI processing performance compared to its predecessor, which is a testament to the advancements made by ASRock Industrial in this domain.

The 4X4 BOX 8040 Series supports dual-channel DDR5 5600 MHz memory up to 96 GB, providing a robust platform for demanding applications. In terms of connectivity, the series offers a comprehensive array of options, including 4K quad-display outputs, five USB ports, dual storages, dual LAN up to 2.5G, and Wi-Fi 6E support. This makes the 4X4 BOX 8040 Series a versatile solution for a wide range of computing needs.

ASRock AMD Ryzen 8040 motherboard

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The 4X4 BOX 8040 Series includes two specific models: the 4X4 BOX-8840U and 4X4 BOX-8640U. Both are powered by AMD Ryzen 8040 Series APUs, specifically the Ryzen 7 8840U and Ryzen 5 8640U, respectively. With the integration of the CPU, GPU, and NPU, these models offer up to a 1.6x surge in AI processing performance and a 40% speed increase in running AI LLM models compared to previous generation AMD APUs.

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In addition to the 4X4 BOX 8040 Series, ASRock Industrial has also introduced the 4X4 8040 Motherboard Series. This series mirrors many of the features found in the mini PCs, including support for two SO-DIMM DDR5 5600 MHz up to 96 GB memory, 2.5G LAN and 1G LAN, and 4K quad-display support with AMD Radeon 700M Graphics. The motherboard series also supports dual storage options and excels in I/O connectivity and expansions.

The 4X4 BOX 8040 Series and 4X4 8040 Motherboard Series are more than just powerful and versatile computing solutions. With their enhanced AI processing capabilities, they are ideally suited for various AIoT applications. Moreover, their compact size and enriched I/O connectivity make them a convenient and efficient choice for a wide range of use cases.

The release of ASRock Industrial’s new 4X4 BOX 8040 Series Mini PCs and 4X4 8040 Motherboard Series, powered by AMD Ryzen 8040 Series APUs, marks a significant step forward in the realm of compact computing solutions. By combining powerful processing capabilities with advanced connectivity options and AI processing enhancements, these new offerings are poised to redefine expectations and set new standards in the industry.

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