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Arduino Nano ESP32 handheld console with round color display

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If you are searching for a quick yet fantastic little project to keep you busy you might be interested in this fantastic Arduino Nano ESP32 based color handheld console created by the Volos Projects YouTube channel. The tiny handheld console features a round display and is powered by an Arduino Nano ESP32.

Volos Projects, a popular YouTube channel, has recently unveiled an intriguing creation that is sure to captivate tech enthusiasts and gamers alike. Ingeniously harnessing the power of the Arduino Nano ESP32 to create a compact, handheld gaming console that boasts full-color graphics on a round display.

The Nano ESP32, the heart of this handheld console, is a microcontroller unit (MCU) that outperforms most of its counterparts in terms of processing power and memory. It is a product of Espressif ESP32, a company renowned for its high-quality MCUs. The Nano ESP32 also comes equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters, adding to its impressive list of features.

Arduino Nano ESP32 handheld games console

The power of the ESP32 is not to be underestimated. It was more than capable of generating vibrant video game graphics at a commendable resolution, making it the perfect choice for this handheld gaming console project. This tiny yet powerful device, with its unique round display, is a testament to the capabilities of the Arduino Nano ESP32.

To demonstrate the capabilities of this handheld console, Volos Projects programmed a basic side-scrolling space shooter game. This game, aptly named GameNANO, is a testament to the potential of this compact gaming device. The code for GameNANO is readily available for download from GitHub, allowing other tech enthusiasts to replicate this project or even create their own games.

Volos Projects showcased the simplicity of this system by assembling it on a breadboard. The components required for this project are minimal: an Arduino, a 1.28″ round GC9A01-driven TFT LCD, a handful of jumper wires, and a few buttons. The buttons chosen for this project are two-pin momentary push buttons, which simplify the wiring process and eliminate any potential confusion.

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The Arduino Nano ESP32 based color handheld console by Volos Projects is a fantastic little project that showcases the power and versatility of the Nano ESP32. It’s a perfect example of how technology can be harnessed to create fun and engaging DIY projects.

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