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Apple wants to make switching from iPhone to Android easier

Switching from one mobile platform to another is never easy. This is especially true when the two platforms are so different like iOS and Android are. Fortunately, it seems like Apple is working on a way to make switching from iPhone to Android easier, even if there’s still some time for the changes to take effect.

It’ll be easier to switch to the Android side soon

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act, or DMA, is rattling the entire tech industry. Since the act aims to increase competition in the EU’s digital markets, some of the largest online companies like Apple, ByteDance, Meta, and Microsoft brought changes to how they operate. One of those changes includes Apple making it easier for iPhone users to switch to Android phones.

Apple had the following to say as a part of Apple’s “Non-Confidential Summary” of how it’s complying with the European Union’s new Digital Markets Act.

“Apple plans to make further changes to its user data portability offering. Third parties offer migration solutions that help users transfer data between devices with different operating systems. To build on those options, Apple is developing a solution that helps mobile operating system providers develop more user-friendly solutions to transfer data from an iPhone to a non-Apple phone. Apple aims to make this solution available by fall 2025.”

While it’s unclear how it will work, this wouldn’t be the first “iPhone to Android” solution. Google made the “Switch to Android” app for iOS users a while back. However, it’s limited in what data you can transfer and, in our experience, doesn’t work the best. Most of the limitations stem from the restrictions of iOS in providing the “Switch to Android” application access to data.

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The document states that the solution will “build on” currently existing migration tools. This suggests Apple’s plan might be to give Google better access to data from iOS devices. Doing this would make the “Switch to Android” application a complete solution for users switching from iPhone to Android.

Will it be limited to EU users?

One big question stemming from Apple’s announcement is whether the company’s solution for users switching from iPhone to Android will be exclusive to the EU. Apple has made several changes to avoid the EU’s ire, but many have been exclusive to the EU. DMA-complying changes like updating side-loaded iOS apps are restricted or absent from non-EU markets.

There’s still time until Apple gives more information on this change since Apple likely plans to make it available by late 2024 or early 2025. Naturally, making it easier for iPhone users from the EU to switch to Android devices but restricting others wouldn’t fare well with anyone. Therefore, the solution might initially be only for EU users. Hopefully, everyone will get access to it shortly after its launch.

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