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Apple Vision Pro Sales Outpace Initial Projections

Demand for the Apple Vision Pro is higher than Apple had originally projected and the company could end up selling between 200,000 units and 250,000 units by the end of 2024, which is not bad considering the high price of the device and also it is a new category for Apple.

The news comes in a report from respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has revealed that Apple has originally expected to sell around 150,000 units to 200,000 units, so an increase of 50,000 or 100,000 units on their original estimates.

Unless Apple cuts the price of Vision Pro or there are more attractive applications, the shipment growth in the U.S. market may be limited. U.S. shipments are expected to be 200,000 to250,000 units this year, better than Apple’s original estimate of 150,000–200,000 units, but this is still a niche market.

Apple is now expected to expand the vVision pro to more countries around the world, at the moment the device is only available in the U.S., it could launch in Europe and the UK next, although this has not been confirmed as yet.

Due to the limited demand growth in the U.S. market, advancing the global release schedule is favorable when the supply improves. The actual release time will depend on Apple’s software modification schedule to comply with other countries’ regulations. I still maintain my prediction that Apple may launch Vision Pro in more countries before WWDC this year.

Apple is expected to expand to more countries before WWDC 2024 which takes place in June, we may get to find out more details next month on when Apple will launch their mixed reality headset in more countries. Apple is expected to hold a press event next month to launch their latest range of Macs and also some new iPads.

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Source Ming-Chi Kuo

Image Credit: Roméo A.

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