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Apple Vision Pro headset teardown by iFixit

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The Apple Vision Pro VR headset has recently been the subject of a detailed examination by the team at iFixit, and their findings offer a fascinating glimpse into the intricate design and engineering that make this spatial computing headset as Apple calls it or VR headset to the rest of us, so special.

At the heart of the headset’s impressive visual capabilities is a carefully constructed stack of three layers. This isn’t a random assortment of parts; it’s a carefully planned combination of a widening layer, a lenticular layer, and an OLED display. Together, these layers produce a convincing 3D effect that draws users into a virtual world filled with depth and realistic images.

The headset’s design is user-friendly, as evidenced by its modular speaker bands. These can be removed easily using something as simple as a paperclip, reflecting the device’s focus on the user’s needs. This modular approach doesn’t just make the headset easy to use; it also allows for future upgrades or customizations.

Apple Vision Pro teardown

One of the most notable features revealed in the teardown is the external battery pack, which can be replaced. Weighing in at 353 grams, it’s clear that Apple has carefully considered how to distribute the weight to ensure user comfort during long periods of use. The power cord doubles as an off switch, which is a clever feature that simplifies the operation of the headset.

inside the Apple Vision Pro headset

The process of taking the headset apart was complex, revealing the intricate assembly of the device. The lenticular lens system, which is essential for creating the 3D effect, and the brightness enhancing film, which ensures optimal viewing angles, are just two parts of this sophisticated structure. The internal components, including the logic board, camera array, and cooling fans, were meticulously disassembled to show the headset’s compact and precise construction.

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Comfort is a key theme in the design of the Apple Vision Pro VR headset. The adjustable headband, which features a latch mechanism, can fit a wide range of head sizes and hairstyles. This flexibility ensures a comfortable spatial computing experience without any unnecessary pressure. The headset can also be customized to fit different face shapes, thanks to the adjustable face cushion and light seals. No matter the shape of your face, the headset can be adjusted to fit snugly, blocking out external light and enhancing the immersive experience.

Another discovery was a motor that adjusts the lens positioning, highlighting Apple’s commitment to making the device adaptable. This feature allows the headset to cater to individual visual preferences, ensuring a clear and comfortable viewing experience for a wide range of users.

Apple Vision Pro headset taken apart

The Apple Vision Pro headset, as revealed by iFixit’s teardown, showcases the careful balance between advanced technology and user-centered design. While the complex assembly may present some challenges for disassembly, the replaceable battery pack is a positive aspect for those concerned about the device’s longevity and ease of maintenance.

As AR and VR technology continues to progress, the Apple Vision Pro stands as a benchmark for immersive and personalized virtual experiences. It  will be interesting to see over the coming years how Apple refines its first-generation design to be more accessible for a larger audience and hopefully bring virtual reality, augmented reality and spatial computing to the masses. Check out the full iFixit teardown to see all the internal hardware and components Apple has squeezed into its latest hardware.

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Image Credit : iFixit

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