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Apple to allow alternative app stores in Europe with iOS 17.4

Apple has announced that it will allow alternative app stores in Europe with the release of their iOS 17.4 software, this is to comply with new European rules which will come into place in March with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Apple has said that these new options open new possibilities for scammers, malware, fraud, and much more, of course, Apple wants to keep everything through its own app store, as it can monitor all apps through there and also earn revenue from them. You can see part of their official statement below.

The new options for processing payments and downloading apps on iOS open new avenues for malware, fraud and scams, illicit and harmful content, and other privacy and security threats. That’s why Apple is introducing protections — including Notarization for iOS apps, an authorisation for marketplace developers, and disclosures on alternative payments — to reduce risks and deliver the best, most secure experience possible for users in the EU. Even with these safeguards in place, many risks remain.

“The changes we’re announcing today comply with the Digital Markets Act’s requirements in the European Union, while helping to protect EU users from the unavoidable increased privacy and security threats this regulation brings. Our priority remains creating the best, most secure possible experience for our users in the EU and around the world,” said Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow. “Developers can now learn about the new tools and terms available for alternative app distribution and alternative payment processing, new capabilities for alternative browser engines and contactless payments, and more. Importantly, developers can choose to remain on the same business terms in place today if they prefer.”

You can find out more details about the changes coming to the Apple App Store and alternative app stores in Europe over at Apple at the link below, this will only apply to 27 European countries, it will not apply to the USA, the UK, and other countries.

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