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Apple Releases watchOS 10.4 beta 2 (Video)

Apple recently released watchOS 10.4 beta 2 to developers and this update, part of a broader series of beta releases across Apple’s platforms, brings a mix of stability improvements, minor feature updates, and compatibility adjustments, particularly for users of the Apple Watch Ultra 1. Let’s dive into the details of this release and what it means for developers and early adopters.

The latest beta update, tipping the scales at 435 MB, is now available for developers. This release is in line with Apple’s strategy of rolling out synchronized updates across its ecosystem, including iOS/iPadOS 17.4 beta 2, macOS 14.4 beta 2, tvOS 17.4 beta 2, and the inaugural beta for VisionOS 1.1, aimed at enhancing the Apple Vision Pro experience.

Sporting the build number 21T5196d, watchOS 10.4 beta 2 marks a significant step forward in the development cycle, with a focus on enhancing stability over its predecessors. While continuing the trajectory set by the first beta of watchOS 10.4, this update doesn’t introduce major new features. Instead, it addresses specific issues such as sticker display in messages and rolls out new emojis, including the expressive shaking face and a playful slime emoji, enriching the way users communicate.

In an interesting turn of adjustments, the update introduces a setting that allows users to disable gesture controls on the Apple Watch. This move aims to prevent potential conflicts with the gesture controls of the Apple Vision Pro, ensuring a seamless interaction across devices.

For those who rely on Siri for hands-free assistance, the update brings a welcome enhancement. Users can now set multiple languages for Siri to read messages in, without the need to alter the primary interaction language. Moreover, in Germany, the activation command for Siri has been simplified, allowing users to wake Siri with just the word “Siri,” in addition to the traditional “Hey Siri” command.

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Users of the Apple Watch Ultra 1 will be pleased to know that the update maintains stable battery life and smooth performance, with no noticeable degradation in battery health since the commencement of the 10.4 beta testing phase.

For developers and early adopters, the watchOS 10.4 beta 2 update may not bring groundbreaking features, but its focus on improving stability, compatibility, and user experience is crucial. These incremental updates are part of Apple’s commitment to refining its ecosystem, ensuring that each device works seamlessly together, enhancing the overall user experience. We are expecting Apple to release the final version of this new Apple Watch software in early March.

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