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Apple releases watchOS 10.1 beta 1

Apple has released watchOS 10.1 beta 1 for the Apple Watch to developers, the software comes just a week after the release of the watchOS 10 software update, Apple also released a range of other new betas at the same time.

These included iOS 17.1 beta 1 for the iPhone, iPadOS 17.1 beta 1 for the iPad, and macOS 14.1 Sonomoa beta 1 for the Mac, all of these new betas are available for developers to try out, and we are also expecting some new public betas to be released soon as well.

The new beta of watchOS 10.1 brings a range of performance improvements and bug fixes to the Apple Watch, it also includes some new features that were left out of the watchOS 10 release.

One of the features that have been included in his new beta is the new NameDrop feature, you can now use this to transfer your details to someone’s Apple Watch with your Apple Watch or with your iPhone. In order to use this feature both people’s iPhones will have to be updated to at least iOS 17.

The new watchOS 10.1 beta 1 is now available for developers to download, you can find out more information about the software over at Apple’s website at the link below.

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