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Apple Magic Mouse Ultimate Edition

You might already be familiar with the iconic Apple Magic Mouse which offering a wireless mouse with minimalistic design and buttons and controls hidden under a touch sensitive top. Although it does lack in a few areas even with Apple’s “revolutionary” design capabilities and resources.

One of the major gripes many people have is the way you need to charge the mouse by plugging in the cable in underneath. This does seem a little strange however you spin it. As surely would be easier to plug the cable into the front of the mouse so that you can continue using it. Although for me the lack of buttons and the lack of ergonomic comfort are the deal breakers for using an Apple Magic Mouse on a daily basis.

Apple Magic Mouse Ultimate Edition

However one Mac user has taken it upon themselves to design and build the Ultimate Edition Apple Magic Mouse, correcting some of these flaws in design. The Work From Hype YouTube channel has documented the process of redesigning and building an upgrade to the existing Apple Magic Mouse.

Redesigning the Apple Magic Mouse

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The Apple Magic Mouse, first introduced in 2009, marked a significant innovation in the world of computer peripherals by merging the functionality of a traditional mouse with the interactive capabilities of a touchscreen. However, despite its groundbreaking design, the Magic Mouse has been subject to criticism, particularly in terms of its ergonomics and charging port placement.

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Ergonomic design

Another primary criticisms of the Magic Mouse is its flat design. Unlike traditional computer mice, which are shaped to comfortably fit the palm of a hand, the Magic Mouse’s flat design can cause discomfort during prolonged use. This design choice was driven by Apple’s desire to emulate the simple, user-friendly interface of a smartphone’s flat touch surface. However, for users with larger hands or those who spend considerable time using their mouse, the lack of ergonomics can be a significant drawback.

To address this issue, an accessory known as the Mouse Base was developed. The Mouse Base reshapes the Magic Mouse, making it easier to hold and more comfortable to use for extended periods. However, the Mouse Base uses mirrors to redirect the mouse’s laser to the desk surface, which can result in some signal loss and affect the mouse’s performance on certain surfaces. While this accessory improves the ergonomics of the Magic Mouse, it introduces a new potential issue in terms of performance.

Wireless charging

A DIY modification involving a lightning to USB-C connector has been suggested as a solution to this problem, allowing the Magic Mouse to be used while charging. However, this modification is not recommended due to the potential damage it can cause to the mouse.

An alternative solution is the use of a wireless charging grip accessory. This not only makes the Magic Mouse more ergonomic but also adds wireless charging capabilities. Nevertheless, due to Apple’s design, the mouse still cannot be used while charging, which continues to be a significant drawback.

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Although the Mouse Base and wireless charging grip upgrades can improve the Magic Mouse’s comfort and charging convenience, they do not fully resolve the inherent issues with the mouse’s design. For users seeking a similar experience to using a MacBook, the Magic Trackpad may be a better option. What you think of both designs, do you use the Apple Magic Mouse  as a travel mouse or as your daily go to desktop controller?

image Credit : Work From Hype

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