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Apple, Google, and Others Announce Speedometer 3.0 Browser Benchmark

Apple in collaboration with other browser engine developers has announced the release of Speedometer 3.0, described by Apple as “the best way yet to measure browser benchmark performance.”

Apple’s WebKit team is excited to introduce Speedometer 3.0, a major update that better reflects the Web of today. It’s built together by the developers of all major browser engines: Blink, Gecko, and WebKit with hundreds of contributions from companies like Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Mozilla.

Apple’s WebKit team originally released the benchmark tool in collaboration with the Google Chrome team in 2014, but this is the first time the Speedometer benchmark has been developed through a cross-industry collaboration supported by each major browser engine.

The goal of developing and releasing Speedometer under a joint multi-stakeholder governance model is to “create a shared understanding of web performance so that improvements can be made to enhance the user experience,” according to the announcement. The latest version improves how Speedometer captures and calculates scores, shows more detailed results and introduces a wider variety of workloads.

“A few tests and workloads can’t simulate the entire web,” admit the contributors. “But while building Speedometer 3 we have established some criteria for selecting ones that are critical to user’s experience. We are now closer to a representative benchmark than ever before.”

Speedometer 3.0 takes into account the most common versions of popular frameworks including React, Vue, Angular, Preact, Lit, Backbone, and Svelte. It also features an updated set of simulated workloads to measure more of the work the browser does in response to user actions, such as painting and asynchronous tasks.

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In addition, there is improved developer tooling so that browser engineers can better understand results, profile, and customize the test. The test runner architecture has also been redesigned to make it easier to write and maintain complex test cases.

Speedometer 3.0 is available to use today on the website.

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