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Apple could allow EU iPhone users to set Google Maps as default

Apple has announced plans to allow iPhone users in the European Union (EU) to set their default navigation app to something other than Apple Maps. This development, expected to roll out by March 2025, marks a departure from Apple’s historically closed ecosystem and follows recent legal mandates under the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

The change signifies a broader trend towards increased user choice and flexibility within Apple’s operating system. Alongside working on providing the ability to set default navigation apps, Apple has already introduced new default controls for app marketplace and contactless payment apps.

Apple is taking steps to remain in compliance with EU DMA

Apple‘s decision to enable default navigation app settings comes amidst growing pressure from regulators to enhance competition and consumer choice within digital ecosystems. By allowing users to opt for third-party navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze, Apple aims to comply with EU DMA regarding the regulations over its monopolistic practices.

The introduction of default navigation app controls expands upon Apple’s existing framework for managing default apps. Previously, users were only able to set default options for web browsing and mail apps. Now, with the addition of iOS App Store alternatives and contactless payment app controls, users have even more autonomy over their preferences.

For EU iPhone users, the forthcoming default navigation app feature will offer newfound flexibility in choosing preferred navigation tools. Upon its release, users will likely have the option to select from popular navigation apps available on the platform, such as Google Maps and Waze. While Apple has yet to confirm specific app compatibility, major navigation developers will likely integrate support for the new default setting.

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For the time being, there seems to be a workaround to set Google Maps as default in an iPhone

As said, Apple will likely implement the option for choosing a different navigation app by March next year. It turns out that there is a workaround to set Google Maps as the default navigation app on an iPhone or an iPad. It works by installing Google Chrome or Gmail on your Apple device. You can try opening map links in Google Maps via those apps.

Overall, Apple’s decision to introduce default navigation app controls for EU users represents a step towards greater consumer empowerment and market competition. By mandating certain changes, the EU is expecting Apple to create a more inclusive and user-centric ecosystem, where individuals have greater control over their digital experiences.

However, a discussion on this matter reflects that people outside the EU do care about these additions as well. Someone asked, “How about the rest of us?” Well, it still remains to be seen if Apple will have to implement these changes in the US or anywhere outside the EU at some point in the future.

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