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An intricate web of internal and external elements interact to shape the biological process of aging. While growing older is unavoidable, we may take steps to slow down the aging process, including wrinkle development, energy loss, diminished muscle tone, and increased susceptibility to illness. Using NAD IV therapy is one of the practical approaches to battle the signs and symptoms of aging. Continue reading to see how NAD+ supplementation can help you feel better overall.

What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

IV nutrition and IV therapy encompass a range of procedures wherein your body gets intravenous infusions of various vitamins and nutrients. These infusions can improve your general well-being or support specific areas of your health. 

The only method to guarantee 100% bioavailability of NAD+ is to inject the molecule into your body via an IV drip. This implies that the maximum amount of additional coenzymes will be absorbed by your body and transformed into molecular energy. 

Oral NAD supplements are available, but it’s challenging to ensure results because your body finds it tough to absorb NAD+ in this manner. NAD+ IV Therapy from Invitacryo Clinic located in NYC SOHO is the most effective and safest method for boosting your body’s coenzyme levels.

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What anti-aging benefits can NAD+ IV therapy offer? 

The body produces more free radicals as one ages, which harm the system and hasten aging. Most of the time, these radicals exceed the body’s antioxidant defense system. 

As an anti-aging treatment, NAD IV therapy involves injecting pure NAD into the bloodstream and into the tissue of the cells, where it can repair damaged DNA immediately. The standard saline solution used in NAD IV therapy aids in the removal of heavy metal accumulation and free radicals from the body, both of which can hasten the aging process.

How does NAD+ IV therapy work?

NAD is a critical player in the aging process because it modulates the metabolic and circadian cycles and controls the production of new proteins. NAD regulates the Sir2p family, which affects lifespan and aging.

Along with its protective role, this coenzyme also aids in preserving DNA integrity, which is weakened over time by replication mistakes, oxidative stress, and free radical damage. Inflammation destroys DNA over time, and NAD is crucial in controlling this damage. Also, NAD can repair harm that has already occurred.

How frequently should I receive the NAD+ IV drip?

Getting (NAD+) IV Drip Therapy three times a fortnight and then once a month after that is advisable. Individual therapy plans created at the first appointment will determine how frequently you receive treatments, albeit this varies from person to person.

Are NAD infusions associated with any side effects?

In general, NAD intravenous infusions are safe and don’t have any adverse side effects. However, it is an invasive treatment that may have complications because it involves direct bloodstream access. Nausea, cramping in the abdomen, and discomfort around the injection site are common side effects.

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How should I get ready for my scheduled IV infusion of NAD+?

Please eat before the time of your appointment because some vitamins and minerals may induce nausea when injected on an empty stomach.


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