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An American Journalist Who Has Several Careers

Females are the two types of genetically human beings on this earth and when they are born, people from the upper class express their happiness and shower love but those from the lower middle class to poor people just don’t accept the fact that their children who have just born are a girl because they only want a boy in their house which shows patriarchy thinking.

Difference of class by Molly Jong-Fast Twitter

But Why? People from the upper class have had an edge in education for centuries and they have developed their minds according to the changes in society. They don’t have much problem affording their expenses if they want their girl child to be a single child and help them achieve their dreams.

On the contrary, the lower middle class has no such thoughts regarding a girl child born because they have seen the hardships and know the reality of the society where they have to give dowry to get their girls married. They can’t bear the expenses of a girl child because they start calculating the expense of dowry from the start when their girl is born.

Cure to Difference by Molly Jong-Fast Twitter

That’s why only education can remove the difference which is in society and we have to accept the fact that it is in American society also where people don’t even want kids whether a boy or a girl because their mindset is all focused on their respective careers which is good but being workaholic is sometimes can harm some of your family members.

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In this article, we’ll get to know in detail about a female journalist who has done so much in her career to promote girl child education that we can’t be thankful enough for that, Molly Jong-Fast and some of the terms related to her people’s search to find in detail more about her which include molly jong fast Twitter, Twitter molly jong fast, molly jong fast on Twitter and molly jong-fast (@mollyjongfast) / Twitter. So Stay Tuned to the end.

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Who’s Molly Jong-Fast? What does she do?

Molly Jong-Fast Twitter is the daughter of authors Erica Jong and Jonathan Fast, so we can say that writing is in her blood because her grandfather was also an author Howard Fast. She grew up in a Jewish family in America and during her childhood, her parents got divorced and she was raised as a single child.

She used to spend most time in her childhood with her nanny who was a catholic and regular church-going person so she has also left a great influence on her catholicism. She wasn’t a very quirky kind of child and used to read several different types of books which used to be present in her house only because her parents were authors.

She was born in August 1978 and indulged herself in several careers today. We look at her work which includes journalism, writing books, political commentary, podcasting and the need for social activism where she has helped many people by spreading awareness through her social media and got a million responses there. 

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She attended Riverdale Country School and used to study literature most of the time, she always wanted to be a journalist since childhood because of her fascination towards journalism, and she was admitted in BA to Barnard College of Columbia University.

There she wrote many research papers regarding ongoing government in the USA and some of the short incidents that were important to be highlighted and got rewards from the lecturer and peer groups of the college. After that, she received a Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA) from Bennington College back in 2005.

Molly Jong-Fast Relationship and Marriage

She was in a relationship with the CITY professor Mathew Adlai Greenfield and they got married before she had completed her master’s in 2003. They both have three children together and currently live in New York, she has described her husband as an important aspect of her life because he has helped her in publishing her initial books.

Molly Jong-Fast Relationship and Marriage

Peter Daou, a Lebanese-American political strategist, is her cousin who has described her in Alcoholics Anonymous, writing that she has achieved her full success on her own and she was a bright student since childhood. But she tends to tell honest facts without fearing anyone and that makes her so vocal on uncounted topics.

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Molly Jong-Fast Twitter

Molly Jong-Fast Twitter has an account on X (formerly known as Twitter) with the username @MollyJongFast where she has more than 1 million followers and she follows 6,816 people around the world. She joined X in August 2008 almost at the start of the company where she describes herself as a journalist who writes columns and newsletters for Vanity Fair.

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Her Posts

Molly Jong-Fast Twitter is quite active on her X account where she posts randomly about anything, she has pinned a post regarding Donald Trump, former president of the USA, where she has criticised his participation in ending federal abortion and now wants to run away with it. This shows her the courage to write about this big man and criticise him publicly without hesitating for a minute.

In the other post, Molly Jong-Fast Twitter applauded Taylor Swift where we can see her talking about her past experiences with some big people and how she has overcome the challenges to become this huge star in the world. This post shows her empowering women and supporting the wave of feminism in the country.

In another random post, Molly Jong-Fast Twitter asks her fans to question the existence of life whereas, on the contrary, in another post, she tells her fans that she has been sober for more than 25 years now and she hasn’t just left alcohol, whereas she became very healthy and eats nutritious food only. 

To Sum Up

Molly Jong-Fast Twitter has been a true inspiration to millions of girls out there who want to become like her and want to impact society rather than making reels or making unexplicit content on OnlyFans for just some fame and money. Life has not been this easy for her and she has overcome every challenge that came her way and successfully written about many things. That’s it for now.

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