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Amul and FCB ULKA’s ‘Floating Stories’ campaign empowers women through innovation – togetherbe

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In a new initiative to celebrate the unsung heroes of rural India, Amul has unveiled “Floating Stories” in partnership with FCB ULKA. The unique campaign sheds light on the extraordinary journey of women dairy farmers who have defied odds and transformed their lives.


At the heart of this campaign lies a remarkable fact: Amul, one of the world’s largest farmer owned dairy cooperative, is powered by women. Not just any women, but 3.6 million women farmers who have shattered stereotypes and emerged as the backbone of India’s dairy industry. In a landscape where women often face systemic barriers, these farmers stand tall, rewriting the narrative of empowerment and success.

To motivate, inspire, and change the lives of Indian women, Floating Stories is a unique, first-time-ever, exhibition of photostories that were printed on milk of financially and socially successful Amul-women-dairy-farmers. This innovative approach not only adds a layer of novelty but also serves as a poignant reminder that just as these women have breathed life into milk, so too does milk now breathe life into their narratives. It’s a full-circle tribute, illustrating how their stories can inspire and empower other women.

Through a mesmerizing blend of hydrographic printing and interactive storytelling, the campaign invites viewers to pour a few spoonful of milk into troughs filled with water, unleashing a symphony of visuals and emotions. As milk merges with water, black-and-white portraits of women dairy farmers come to life, illuminating the path of progress and possibility.

Vandana Joshi, President and Head of Office, FCB Ulka, Mumbai, said: “Inspired by the visionary words of Dr Kurien, who envisioned Amul as an “empowerment mission,” the campaign aims to ignite hope and aspiration among millions of women across India. These are not tales of urban glamour but narratives of resilience from the heartland, where women have turned challenges into opportunities and cowsheds into cornerstones of prosperity.”

“The essence of Amul’s mission lies in the belief that every drop of milk symbolizes a story of transformation. Hence, the innovative approach of “Floating Stories” was born, weaving together art, technology, and tradition to captivate audiences and spark conversations.”

Amul and FCB ULKA’s ‘Floating Stories’ campaign empowers women through innovation

In recognition of Amul’s steadfast efforts to champion gender equality, empowerment, and inclusive growth, ‘Floating Stories’ emerges as a beacon of hope, education, and inspiration in a country rich with narratives. As the ripples of these tales spread far and wide, they pave the way for a brighter future, more inclusive India. And as a first-time-ever exhibition like this, it is a very poetic way to salute these women and their stories. How just a spoonful of milk can bring their stories to life.

Agency: FCB ULKA
Brand: Amul
Group CEO, FCB Group India & South Asia: Dheeraj Sinha
Chief Executive Officer: Kulvinder Ahluwalia
Former Chief Creative Officer : Keegan Pinto
President & Mumbai Head: Vandana Joshi
Creative team: Rajdutta Ranade, Niraj Patil, Dipika Rane, Ninoshka Dasilva, Steven Borges, Akash Chavan, Khushi Makin
Account Management: Pinky Shah, Rohit Divekar, Pritha Chatterjee
Strategy Team: Rajesh Sharma, Sneha Tiwari
Brand Team: Jayen Mehta – Managing Director, GCMMF (Amul).
Photography: Madhur Shroff & Niraj Patil
Films Supervisor & Executive Producer: Deepak Rathod
Production House: Asmi Productions
Line Producer: Satish Naik
Music: Anshul Dawar

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