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AMD introduces Embedded+ a new integrated compute platform

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AMD has introduced Embedded+, a new integrated compute platform that merges AMD Ryzen Embedded processors with Versal adaptive SoCs. This architecture is designed to provide power-efficient, scalable solutions that enhance the development process for ODM partners. Embedded+ aims to facilitate faster product development and market delivery by simplifying the qualification and build processes.

The AMD  platform, known as Embedded+, is a sophisticated solution that merges the strengths of AMD Ryzen Embedded processors with the adaptability of Versal adaptive SoCs. This innovation is expected to significantly improve the way products are developed by Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), making the process more efficient and reducing the time it takes to bring products to market.

At the heart of the Embedded+ architecture is the combination of AMD Ryzen Embedded processors with Versal adaptive SoCs. This integration results in a single board that is well-suited for the demanding requirements of various sectors, including medical, industrial, and automotive. The architecture is tailored to be energy-efficient and compact, which is particularly important in settings where space is at a premium and energy conservation is essential.

AMD Embedded+

One of the key advantages of Embedded+ is its ability to boost data processing through its advanced computing features. These include AMD’s x86 computing power, integrated graphics, programmable hardware, and AI Engines. Such capabilities are becoming increasingly crucial for tasks like AI inferencing and sensor fusion, which are integral to modern embedded systems.

Embedded+ distinguishes itself by providing deterministic, low-latency processing along with high performance-per-watt inferencing. These attributes are critical for applications that rely on quick, real-time decision-making and energy-efficient operation.

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Sapphire Technology is at the forefront of adopting the Embedded+ architecture. They have introduced the Sapphire Edge+ VPR-4616-MB motherboard, which is the first ODM solution to utilize this new platform. This Mini-ITX motherboard is built around the Ryzen Embedded R2314 processor and the Versal AI Edge VE2302 Adaptive SoC. It is also available as a complete system, ready to be deployed in a variety of scenarios.

The flexibility of the Embedded+ architecture allows ODMs to customize the performance and power consumption of their boards to meet the specific needs of their applications. This level of customization and optimization is unprecedented and is particularly beneficial for targeted market segments.

The Sapphire Edge+ VPR-4616-MB motherboard exemplifies what the Embedded+ architecture is capable of. It is available for purchase alongside the launch of Embedded+, which underscores AMD’s commitment to providing advanced and accessible solutions to its partners and customers.

Overall, AMD’s introduction of the Embedded+ architecture represents a significant step forward in the technology of embedded systems. By integrating AMD Ryzen Embedded processors with Versal adaptive SoCs, AMD has created a platform that is not just energy-efficient but also capable of handling the complex requirements of modern computing. The launch of Embedded+ enables system designers and ODMs to create innovative and effective solutions for a wide range of applications.

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