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Amazon Prime Air drone delivery coming to the UK and Italy

Amazon has been testing out its Prime Air drone delivery in the USA over the last few years and now the company has revealed that it will be expanding the service to more countries, these will include the UK and Italy.

From late 2024 Amazon will give customers in the UK and Italy and also another city in the USA the option to have their orders delivered by drone with their Amazon Prime Air delivery service. The company will release more details about which cities the service will be available in closer to launch.


As well as announcing these new locations, Amazon has also unveiled its latest delivery drone, the MK30 which is designed to be smaller and lighter than the existing models and also quieter.

Amazon MK30

The new Amazon MK30 drone comes with a new design and it features a range that is double that of prior Prime Air drone models, extending our delivery reach to those residing further from our distribution centers. Notably, the MK30 operates with reduced noise and has the capability to navigate a broader range of weather scenarios. This ensures timely deliveries even in conditions like mild rain or extreme temperatures. A standout feature of our drones is the specialized package enclosure system, that is designed to protect packages during the delivery.

The new Amazon MK30 is designed to offer safe and independent operation, integrated with advanced obstacle detection technology. This allows it to recognize and circumvent unforeseen hindrances, such as a newly planted tree or a relocated mobile crane.

Amazon has also revealed that their drone deliveries will now take place from the Amazon same day delivery sites, previously deliveries were sent from specific drone delivery sites, you can find out more information over at Amazon’s website at the link below. As soon as we get some more information on exactly when the dron deliveries will start in the UK, we will let you know.

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