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Alleged OnePlus 13 render appears, but it’s probably fake

An alleged OnePlus 13 render has surfaced online (shown below the article), but we believe it’s fake. A number of outlets reported on it, but there are several reasons why we believe it’s not legit.

The OnePlus 13 appears in a render, but it’s probably fake

A sketch that resembles this render was first reported to be one of the company’s upcoming Ace phones. In addition to that, it doesn’t look particularly believable. It looks like something a designer put together and pushed it out.

There’s of course a chance that we’re wrong, but the OnePlus 13 is not expected to arrive until January next year. Its CAD-based renders are not even close to being available, so… chances are this render is not real.

However, the OnePlus 13 is tipped to get a complete redesign. Its rear camera module will look considerably different than it did in the last couple of years. So, we may see something similar to this, who knows?

Based on this render, the phone will have three vertically aligned cameras

The render shown here has three vertically aligned cameras, while the middle one is the largest. That camera also has a green circle around it, for whatever reason, and there’s the Hasselblad branding below it.

An LED flash is also shown here, next to the camera island, while you can also see the company’s logo on the back. The physical buttons are placed on the right-hand side. The volume rocker buttons seem to be quite long, though.

The backplate here is mostly flat, but it does curve towards the frame on the very edges… on all sides. That render comes from OnePlus Clud, which is not the usual source for leaks. So, the point is, take this image with a grain of salt, as it’s easily possible it’s not real.

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The OnePlus 13 will be fueled by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, and as already mentioned, it will come with a redesign. We’re not entirely sure what OnePlus is planning at this point in time.

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