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AKAI MPC Stems: Stem Separation – a Sampling Revolution?

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AKAI MPC Stems brings stem separation directly to the MPC software – smoothly integrated into the MPC workflow. Could this change the way we work with samples forever? MPC Stems is now available!

AKAI MPC Stems: Forget everything you thought you knew about sampling

If my editor-in-chief hadn’t put “game changer” on the list of words to avoid at all costs, I think I’d be inclined to use it here. The new MPC Stems feature, which is now finally available for the MPC software, does indeed open up a new world of possibilities that could change the way we produce sample-based music. 

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MPC Stems extracts up to four stems from any sample: drumsbassmusic (chords and melodies), and vocals. And it does it with a smooth integration into the famous MPC workflow, so it’ll feel like a natural way of working with samples pretty soon.

Previously, one had to resort to external tools to extract stems and then import them back to the MPC. MPC Stems makes it possible to sample something off of a record directly to your MPC and then automatically separate it into its components. Just image this feature in the hands of sampling legends like DJ Shadow or Pete Rock!

MPC Stems separates samples into up to four stems

When you extract stems from a sample, they’re automatically assigned to the same pad and can be mixed and matched as you please. You can adjust the level, pan, and tuning of each stem individually. Moreover, you can of course process and use each stem like any other sample.

What’s more, AKAI MPC Stem also works in combination with the Chop feature. Chop up a sample into a bunch of slices, hit Create Stems, and the slice points will be maintained across all of the four stems. This lets you produce and perform with samples in a whole new way. I do think this is a game changer!

How to get AKAI MPC Stems

AKAI MPC Stems is now available as an add-on for the MPC Software for $9.99. It is also supported by the MPC Live Series, MPC One, MPC One+, MPC X, MPC X SE, MPC Key 61, MPC Key 37, and MPC Studio MK2 in controller mode. AKAI originally said that the new feature would also come to the stand-alone MPCs, although we don’t know when that’ll be. We’ll keep you updated!

The AKAI MPC One+, MPC Live II, MPC X SE, and MPC Key 61 are available at Thomann.

More about AKAI Professional and MPC Stems

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