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Add colour to your mix with Universal Audio Verve Analog Machines

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Add colour to your sounds with Universal Audio Verve Analog Machines  · 


Universal Audio Verve Analog Machines

The Verve GUI  · 


Universal Audio Verve Analog Machines is a collection of 10 analogue saturation effects to bring colour and vibe to any sound in your mix.

Modeled on UA’s classic hardware, Verve is a straightforward processing plug-in designed to introduce character into your recordings. Without needing prior audio experience, you can enjoy this range of analogue-modelling effects for your DAW.

Universal Audio Verve Analog Machines

The Verve interface allows you to quickly flip through the selection of 10 effects, including:

  • Sweeten – A classic tape machine emulation
  • Edge – A console-style saturation effect
  • Glow – A tube preamp modelling effect to enrich harmonics
  • Warm – Another older tape machine effect with more pronounced warble and warmth
  • Thicken – A Lo-Fi tape effect for adding grit
  • Vintagize – Age your recordings instantly with this pawnshop tape machine effect
  • Distort – An overdriven preamp effect
  • Overdrive – An old-school tape effect with even more edge and character
  • Fire – Introduces that unmistakable analogue heat
  • Sputter – An over-the-top distorted effect for pushing your tracks harder

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More Information

Using the plug-in is simple. You select the type of saturation effect you want, then you are presented with one or more corresponding controls designed for tweaking its sound. These drive, tone, and warble controls, for example, provide a means of adjusting the degree of each effect you’re using.

Verve can be used on your individual DAW channel strips, but it will also work well as a parallel effect. Furthermore, the plug-in has its own preset library with settings for different instruments and applications.

Universal Audio Verve Analog Machines
The Verve GUI

Pricing and availability:

Verve Analog Machines is currently available from Thomann.

Meanwhile, the Verve Essentials bundle with four machines is available as a free download from Universal Audio until April 30. What’s more, the first 6,176 users who download Verve Essentials receive a free license of the Galaxy Tape Echo, so don’t miss out!

More about Universal Audio Verve Analog Machines Essentials:

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Add colour to your sounds with Universal Audio Verve Analog Machines

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