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A News And Review Destination For Tamilians

In today’s world, everyone has amazing access to information about almost everything to where they don’t have to go anywhere and can get anything whatever they want. But that also comes with a lot of misinformation and fake things that we don’t know but consume and later regret when it comes to haunt us.

For Tamilians, we have a great platform which we are talking about in this article which has a lot of credibility and stature in the market for the real fast latest news and the reviews of movies and TV shows. It covers a lot of topics from the whole of Tamil Nadu whether the news is from any village or a big city like Chennai or Madurai.

Importance of Credibility in the News Portal

News is a piece of information for the readers that is reported by the reporters instantly so that a common man or the authorities. This is the fourth pillar of democracy and the need for the rightful news from the media organizations is truthful and necessary for the public so that the government can run smoothly and doesn’t do much against the public.

The importance of credibility in the news from any media organization becomes very crucial because how will a person believe or trust that media organization again if they report only fake news? Credibility brings out the accuracy of the news with fairness to the media organization and the particular reporter or columnist who is writing that piece of information.

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In this article, we are going to get into detail about the credible Tamil news organization Thatstamil which has just taken and made a motto to deliver the best latest news fastly and correctly, some of the terms related to what people search about include Thatstamil oneindia, Thatstamil news, latest Thatstamil news, and Thatstamil news in Tamil. So Stay Tuned to the end. 

What is Thatstamil? How did it Start?

Thatstamil is a news site fully written in Tamil only for Tamilians that quickly delivers the news which can be written or in video form and simultaneously provides the latest reviews and pieces of information on Tamil films and Tamil superstar actors respectively. It is widely used in Tamil Nadu where it has a lot of subscriber base and outside of India where some Tamilians are living and want to know what is happening in Tamil Nadu right now.

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Types of Content

They deliver pieces of news content in various fields from sports to travel where they talk about which places to visit in Tamil Nadu for vacations, which is the best place for summers and winters, and which is the best place in Tamil Nadu for the greenery and beaches. They write heavily on crime and criminal activities to alert the Tamilians from any further illegal activities.

They have content regarding computer and IT because Chennai becoming an IT hub now with some of the multinational companies shifting or making new offices in Chennai because of the infrastructure or better facilities from the government but the only problem is Chennai’s hot climate during summers which is just unbearable otherwise in just some years, it’ll become India’s one of the biggest IT hubs.

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Thatstamil Sports Content

In the sports, they have content regarding football mostly because it is getting popular because of the young players coming from the small villages and making a name for themselves from the ISL and the upcoming matches which are going to happen in upcoming months. The growth of football in India is happening because of leagues like ISL where most superstars of India play including Sunil Chhetri.

They have some articles on cricket too where they have talked about recent matches of T20s and the test matches which happened in Chennai. Recently the World Cup happened and some of the ODI matches were on this ground including other teams too where there were some high-clinching moments on the field and people just enjoyed that feeling of last over tight finishes or some bowler just bowling in tandem with high energy for the wickets.

Thatstamil on Dhoni

The most famous sports pieces of articles became in April and May when the IPL was going around because of the popularity of the great legend former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni aka Thala, people call him by love, who plays and captains the Chennai Super Kings. His popularity has just changed the game for the site because it attracts foreign readers because of him after the matches and before the matches, to know the upcoming fixtures.

Thatstamil on Dhoni

Tamilians worship him on the field, off the field and they are so desperate for him to play one more year in the IPL is just phenomenal despite him not being from Tamil Nadu, he is from Ranchi. If you go on the ground to watch a match where CSK is playing, the opposition may be anyone, the ground will be filled more than 80% with Dhoni and CSK’s yellow T-shirts, showing the love a team and a player has from not only the Tamilians but from all over the world.

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Thatstamil on Tamil Cinema

The platform has several articles regarding entertainment news particularly about Tamil cinema and its superstar actors where they talk about their upcoming movies or reviews the recently released ones. The fan base these male superstars have in Tamil Nadu is just unimaginable, how the people of Tamil Nadu love them without any condition, is just unconditional love.

The popularity of Thalaiva Rajinikanth and Thalapathy Vijay and popular actors like Dhanush, Ajith, Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan, Surriya, Chiyaan Vikram and Vijay Sethupathi so on is immense in Tamil Nadu and people just want to watch their first film on the first day and they do not hear any negative reviews of their movies, you can call it madness but it is there.  

To Sum Up

Thatstamil has become one of the biggest sites in Tamil Nadu which provides news and entertainment articles instantly to the viewers who read and understand the Tamil language because they have made their whole base in Tamil. The credibility they have earned over the years is just impeccable and can’t be easily replaced by some other site. That’s it for now.

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