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A Gboard bug is causing it to display tiny text

A big part of using a digital keyboard is actually being able to see the text and numbers that you’re typing. Well, this isn’t much of a possibility for some users thanks to a new Gboard bug. This Gboard bug is resulting in tiny text and a tiny floating window.

At this point, we’re not certain what the cause of this bug is. However, it seems to only affect people using Pixel devices. Also, reports state that this issue happens after using Android Auto. So far, it doesn’t seem that Google is aware of the issue. Once this issue gains more traction, we know that the company will swiftly issue an update to fix it.

A new Gboard bug is causing tiny text

Several users on Reddit reported this issue. After using Android Auto on their phone, they would open the Gboard to find that the keyboard itself is the proper size, but all of the letters and numbers inside of the keys are extremely tiny. This is obviously going to be an issue for people who can’t see well. Also, another issue will show all of the keys and the keyboard in their proper size, but when you pop out the keyboard as a floating window, the floating window will be minuscule.


It’s an irritating bug to have, but there are workarounds. According to users, to fix the keyboard, you can restart your phone. However, that can get annoying after a while. Another thing you can do is force-stop the keyboard from the App Info screen. Other than that, users are just going to have to wait until Google fixes the issue. Since Gboard and Android Auto are very popular services, we’re certain that a substantial amount of people are experiencing this bug. So, we expect enough reports to come out to get Google’s attention.

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Speaking of Gboard, Google recently released a feature that allows the Gboard Proofreader to proofread selected text. This makes it a lot more convenient to use rather than proofreading entire bodies of text.

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