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A Brief Guide To Off-road Tyres Are Designed For Driving On Difficult

Featuring deep treads, off-road tyres are designed for driving on difficult terrain with mud, sand, and rocks. You can buy quality off-road tyres from the best tyres shop in the vicinity. These tyres improve traction on slick and uneven surfaces. Off-road tyres provide a firm grip on uneven ground and reduce hazards like getting stuck or sliding in dirt or snow.

Even though off-road tyres were designed to drive on unpaved terrain, one kind of off-roading tyre cannot be helpful in every situation. There are different types of off-road tyres. Some of the common ones are:

  • All-terrain Tyres
  • Mud-terrain Tyres
  • Rock Tyres
  • Sand Tyres
  • Snow Tyres

All-Terrain Tyres

As the name suggests, all-terrain tyres are suitable for an extensive variety of driving conditions. AT tyres perform well on roads too, so you can use them for regular driving as well as off-road exploring. They can handle ice and snow in the cold.

All-terrain tyres have an open-tread design, for better traction on unpaved surfaces. They resist damage and are strong due to reinforced sidewalls. Softer rubber provides traction. AT tyres do not last as long as standard road tyres, but perform better than summer and all-season tyres. They are noiseless. All-terrain tyres are ideal if you need all-purpose tyres that drive smoothly on a paved or dirt path.

Mud-Terrain Tyres

These tyres are designed to drive on sloppy terrain that causes other tyres to spin. MT tyres feature wide tread blocks with deep crevasses between the treads, allowing them to maintain traction in thick deep mud. They come with reinforced sidewalls with many plies. The tyres remain undamaged even if you strike an unseen object in the mud.

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Therefore, these tyres are best for driving through mud while maintaining a grip on dirt and gravel. These tyres don’t handle well like others on pavement and are noisy at highway speeds due to oversized tread blocks. These tyres perform best on unpaved terrain.

Rock Tyres

As the name suggests, rock tyres are for climbing all rocky surfaces. They are gnarly in appearance. Rock tyres are reinforced, so they do not easily puncture on sharp rock edges. Rock tyres have big tread blocks. If you are driving over rocky terrain or a desert, rock tyres are the ones you need.

Sand Tyres

Sand tyres assist in moving through dunes and offer good traction on sand. Sand tyres come with special extrusions spread horizontally across the tyre in V-shape. The tyres help churn the sand and move through it successfully. These tyres are specialized and used in particular activities, like the Desert Safari.

Snow Tyres

Snow and winter tyres are usually promoted as seasonal tyres than off-roading tyres since their benefits are for all cold-weather driving.

Off-road tyres have a shorter tread life because of the softer rubber compound, so it performs on all the trails and surfaces. The average is not lower than 40000 miles, but some models claim average mileage of 70000 miles.

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