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9 Amazing AI Tools you probably haven’t seen before

If you have been navigating the world of artificial intelligence, looking for new ways to enhance your workflow. You’ve likely heard of big names like OpenAI’s ChatGPT or DALL-E 3, but there’s a whole universe of lesser-known AI applications waiting to be explored. Watch the video below created by Matt Wolfe who explores and presents nine AI tools that he guarantees you haven’t seen before.

So you need to generate custom images or design a logo quickly. There are AI tools out there that can help you create stunning visuals with just a few clicks. These aren’t your average image editors; they come equipped with specialized features that set them apart. Some are adept at crafting video ads, while others offer advanced captioning capabilities. These tools are a great resource for graphic designers looking for inspiration or marketers in need of a logo without the wait.

9 Amazing AI Tools

The experience of using these tools is just as important as the results they produce. A clunky user interface can turn an otherwise powerful application into a source of frustration. Fortunately, many of these AI tools are designed with the user in mind, featuring interfaces that are intuitive for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

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SDXL Lightning

SDXL Lightning represents a significant leap in AI image generation speed, setting itself apart with its lightning-fast performance. It allows users to input prompts and seeds, generating images in real time with an impressive speed of 216 milliseconds per image. This tool’s user interface is straightforward, enabling quick and efficient image creation without compromising on quality. SDXL Lightning is ideal for users who prioritize speed in AI art generation, offering an exciting glimpse into the future of instant visual content creation.

Logomark AI

Logomark AI is a creative solution for generating logos, leveraging AI to transform basic ideas into visual identities. Users are provided with a starting credit allowance to experiment with the tool, which offers different styles such as pictorial, abstract, and line for logo design. Despite its limitation in fully grasping complex prompts like integrating specific elements (e.g., a wolf using a computer), it successfully generates relevant logos within 10 to 60 seconds. Although downloads require additional credits, Logomark AI demonstrates a decent performance in logo creation, potentially benefiting businesses and individuals looking for quick design solutions.


RenderNet is an advanced AI-powered tool designed for detailed and customizable image generation. It introduces unique features such as Face Lock, allowing for consistent character depiction across images, and Control Nets for pose-specific outputs. RenderNet stands out for its blend of quality and control, providing users with various model options and a canvas feature to fine-tune their creations. Though it might be slower compared to other generators, RenderNet’s precision and the innovative Face Lock feature cater to users seeking tailored visual content with consistent character representation.

Caption My Photos

Caption My Photos offers an AI-driven approach to generating captions for photographs, aiming to enhance social media posts with relevant and engaging descriptions. After a simple upload process, users receive creative captions, complete with options to include hashtags and emojis. While its utility is evident, the service’s reliance on a credit system for operation positions it as one more option in a market where alternative solutions, such as ChatGPT or cloud-based image captioning tools, provide similar capabilities possibly without additional costs.

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iListen AI transforms written content into spoken word, offering a unique solution for creating concise podcasts from articles or web pages. This tool caters to individuals looking to consume information efficiently, providing options for voice, language, and speed customization. Despite its straightforward utility, the necessity for a subscription to access the free trial may deter some users. iListen AI fills a niche for auditory learners and those seeking to maximize their productivity by converting reading material into a more accessible format.


Jellypod innovates the way newsletters are consumed by converting them into personalized daily podcasts. This iPhone app allows users to subscribe to newsletters using a unique email address, which Jellypod then transforms into a digestible audio format. Its simplicity and practicality make it an attractive tool for individuals overwhelmed by written content, seeking a convenient way to stay informed. While it operates on a subscription model for expanded features, Jellypod’s core offering represents a novel approach to content consumption.


Otio is designed as a comprehensive platform for researchers and scholars, aiming to streamline the research and writing process. It allows users to summarize, chat with documents, and perform AI-assisted writing and paraphrasing. Otio stands out for its ability to organize and interact with a vast array of content types, facilitating a more efficient research workflow. However, its credit-based system for accessing features may limit its appeal. For those deeply engaged in academic or intensive research, Otio presents a valuable resource for enhancing productivity and content engagement.


MagicAds offers an AI-powered solution for creating video ads, aiming to simplify the ad creation process with influencer-like quality. Users can input a landing page URL, and MagicAds generates a tailored video ad. Despite its potential to revolutionize ad production, the tool’s high cost, especially for customization and watermark removal, alongside its credit system, could deter users seeking cost-effective solutions. While MagicAds demonstrates promising capabilities, its pricing model and operational delays may need reconsideration to attract a broader user base.

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Videotok emerges as a versatile tool for generating TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and similar short-form content from text inputs. It accommodates users with a range of customization options, including voice style and image source selection, for creating engaging video content. Despite its innovative approach and ability to generate videos that cater to current social media trends, Videotok’s pricing structure and watermarking policy in its trial version might influence potential users’ adoption decisions. Videotok represents a forward-thinking solution for content creators looking to streamline their production process for short-form video content.

The ecosystem of AI tools is vast and varied. Beyond the household names, there are many hidden treasures waiting to be found. This series aims to uncover these tools, evaluate their usefulness, and provide you with the insights you need to make the most of the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence. Stay tuned for more discoveries that could transform the way you work with AI.

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