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7 iOS 17 settings you should consider turning off

Apple recently released their new iOS 17 software update, this guide will show you a range of iOS 17 settings you should consider turning off. Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 17, is packed with a host of new features designed to enhance your iPhone experience. However, not all of these additions are necessarily beneficial for every user. Some settings, while innovative, may compromise your privacy, become an annoyance, or even pose a security risk.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the settings you might want to consider turning off to tailor your iOS 17 experience to better suit your needs and preferences, the video below from Payette Forward shows us which settings we should consider turning off.

Temporary Passcode Reset: A Potential Security Risk

One of the new features in iOS 17 is the Temporary Passcode Reset. When you change your passcode, the system allows you to use your old passcode for the next 72 hours. While this may seem convenient, it could be a security risk. If someone else gains access to your old passcode, they could potentially unlock your device. To mitigate this risk, navigate to your settings and tap on “Expire Previous Passcode Now” immediately after changing your passcode.

Screen Distance: A Nuisance for Some

Designed with the intention of protecting your eyesight, the Screen Distance feature can actually be quite bothersome for people with poor vision or those who wear glasses. If you find this feature irritating, you can easily turn it off. Go to Screen Time settings and toggle off the “Screen Distance” switch.

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Siri Activation: Avoid Accidental Activations

iOS 17 introduces a new way to activate Siri—by simply saying “Siri.” While this might seem like a streamlined approach, it can lead to accidental activations, especially in noisy environments. If you prefer the old method, you can revert to saying “Hey Siri” or disable this feature altogether in the Siri settings.

Crossfade in Music: Not for Every Playlist

The Crossfade feature in the Music app blends one song into the next. While this can be a cool effect for certain genres like EDM, it can be jarring if your playlist includes a variety of genres. To turn off this feature, navigate to your Music settings and disable the Crossfade option.

Keyboard and System Sounds: Save Battery and Your Sanity

If you find the keyboard click sounds annoying or are looking to save some battery life, consider turning off “Keyboard Feedback” and “System Haptics” under the Sounds and Haptics settings.

Screen Sharing Notifications: Keep Your Privacy

With the new features in tvOS 17, Screen Sharing has become more prominent. However, this feature can also display your notifications while you’re on a FaceTime call on Apple TV. To maintain your privacy, disable “Allow Notifications” for Screen Sharing in the settings.

AirDrop Settings: Be Cautious in Crowded Areas

A new AirDrop feature triggers sharing when devices are brought close together. While convenient, this could be risky in crowded situations where you might not want to share files unintentionally. To be on the safe side, turn off the “Start sharing by bringing devices together” option under AirDrop settings.

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While iOS 17 brings a plethora of new features aimed at enhancing your iPhone experience, it’s essential to scrutinize these settings to ensure they align with your needs and preferences. By taking control of these settings, you can create a more personalized and secure iOS 17 experience and also protect your privacy. We hope that you find this guide helpful, if you have any questions, tips or suggestions, please leave a comment below and let us know.

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