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5 Best Ways to Find Someone’s Current Address in No Time

When you want to get in touch with an old friend or deliver a document to a client, finding an accurate address is important. But sometimes, you may only have a name and part of an address. Even if it is complete, you still want to ensure it is current, especially when you need to drive a few hours or catch a flight to get there.

Of course, you can check with a friend, family member, or coworker of the person you are trying to reach. But when that is not an option, property and voter records could typically be your best bet to find an up-to-date address. However, this route could involve significant legwork. You might need to visit government offices, submit official requests, and even make a payment.

But is there a faster way to find someone’s current address? Yes, there is. With artificial intelligence, advanced technology, and digitization, you now have several online tools to locate anyone you want in no time.

1. Google

This is often the starting point for any type of online search. If an indexed web page contains an address for the individual you are attempting to locate, Google can retrieve it for you in under a second.

To make the best use of this free search tool, try several variations of a name within quotation marks. For instance, if you are searching for Andrew Christian Miles, try:

  • “Andrew Christian Miles”
  • “A Christian Miles”
  • “Andrew C Miles”
  • “A C Miles”
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Typing “address” together with the name will also help you find the information you need faster. In addition, you can search for a name with other identifiable information to uncover more relevant results. For instance, include a partial address, phone number, or email.

2. Spokeo

With 130 million property records, Spokeo is one of the top people search sites to find a current address for anyone you are trying to locate. You can search using a name or even an email address or phone number if you have those details. However, remember to type them correctly and check spelling.

The information this site can provide is comprehensive and could include previous addresses, too. It can also get you a person’s contact details, social media handles, information about family members, employment details, and a range of other data.

However, a report containing the current address is only available under a paid plan. A special trial offer allows you to access a single search report at $0.95 with a 7-day free Spokeo membership. The regular monthly subscription is $29.95 per month. The site accepts credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Venmo.

3. TruthFinder

This platform boasts 60,000 5-star reviews, making it a popular option to find addresses.

You can sign up or use the search bar on TruthFinder’s home page to run a name search. If you already have a partial address, you can refine the results by selecting the state on the drop-down menu provided. But if you are unsure, simply choose “All States” and click search.

The site will then ask you several questions about the person you are attempting to find so it can determine the best matches. For instance, it may inquire about the gender, middle name, past or present city, and age.

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The information TruthFinder can retrieve is impressively detailed. As a result, it could take some time to pull up all the relevant records. Apart from the latest address, reports may include the full name, aliases, photos, and possible associates.

The site will also find useful information to help ensure your safety. For instance, it could search for criminal records and details relating to gun ownership and financial trouble. It can even let you know whether the relevant individual is on government watchlists.

You can access all this information for $28.05. It is a monthly people search subscription that offers unlimited reports.

4. Intelius

Another excellent site to find current addresses is Intelius. It collects information using federal, state, and county data sources to find the most relevant matches for your search query.

Searching is straightforward on this platform—you simply need to type in the first and last names and click search. You can also enter the city and state if available. The site additionally provides a people directory for you to find individuals by name.

And what can it unearth for you? In addition to a current address, Intelius will get you a social media summary, criminal and traffic records, information about relatives, and a variety of other details.

The site offers a $24.86 monthly subscription for people searches with unlimited people and address reports. But if you only need a single report, you can download it with a $3.99 one-off payment.

5. PhoneHistory

Sometimes, you may have a valid phone number for the person you need to locate. In instances like this, PhoneHistory is a reliable and free solution for a reverse phone lookup.

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The platform stores individual records on over 500 million US phone numbers, enabling you to find a name and address using a contact number. And if the number you have is outdated, you can find that out, too, with a detailed history of number-ownership information.

The reports this site provides may not be as detailed as some of the paid options we have mentioned above. However, they still contain a substantial amount of information, including an individual’s date of birth, marital status, personal interests, occupation, and education.

PhoneHistory also updates its database continuously to ensure you get the most accurate and latest address details. Moreover, as an additional search option, it offers an area code directory that lists numbers with county, city, and carrier data.

Wrapping Up

The next time you are in a hurry to find an up-to-date address, try one of the online tools we have outlined to save time and hassle. Remember to check the free options first to see what you can uncover. If you need more information, you can always opt for a paid solution.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned in this article are accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to change.


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