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30 new iOS 17 features discovered (Video)

Apple recently released its new iOS 17 software update, it also released its new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro range of smartphones. Yesterday we heard about some settings you should consider changing in iOS 17, today we have another video.

The latest video is from Brandon Butch and it gives us a look at more than 30 hidden features that have been discovered in the new iOS 17 software update, lets find out some more details about these features.

As we can see from the video there are lots of new hidden features in the recently released iOS 17 software update, these include the Passcode and Home Screen, updates to the way apps are installed, and more, here are some details on some of the new features that have been discovered.

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Passcode and Home Screen

Use Your Previous Passcode for 72 Hours

Ever changed your passcode and then forgotten it? iOS 17 allows you to use your previous passcode for up to 72 hours after you’ve changed it. This gives you a safety net while you get used to your new security code.

New iOS 17 Apps Install on the First Available Slot

Gone are the days when new apps would randomly populate your home screen. Now, they will be installed in the first available slot, making it easier to locate them.

Shake to Undo Home Screen Changes

If you accidentally move or delete an app on your home screen, simply shake your iPhone to undo the change. It’s that simple!

Keyboard and Timers

‘Done’ Button for Emoji Selection

Choosing an emoji has never been easier. A ‘Done’ button now appears after you’ve selected an emoji, allowing you to quickly switch back to the main keyboard.

Label Multiple Timers

You can now set multiple timers and label them. This is particularly useful for cooking, studying, or any activity that requires multitasking.

Messages and Safari

Quick Photo Picker in Messages

Hold the “+” icon in Messages to quickly access the photo picker. This makes sharing photos in conversations a breeze.

Siri Reads Articles in Safari

Siri can now read articles for you in Safari, and you can even adjust the speaking rate to your preference.

Photos and Symbols

Pinch to Zoom and Crop

When you pinch to zoom on a photo, a crop button appears, allowing you to easily crop the image to your liking.

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Identify Laundry and Dashboard Symbols

iOS 17 can identify laundry care symbols and car dashboard symbols directly from photos. This can be a lifesaver when you’re trying to decode those cryptic icons.

Screenshots and Phone App

Full-Page Screenshots as Photos

You can now save full-page screenshots as normal photos, making it easier to share or archive them.

Report Junk Calls from ‘Recents’

Junk calls can be reported directly from the ‘Recents’ tab in the Phone app, helping you maintain a cleaner call history.

Mail and Passwords in iOS 17

Inserting hyperlinks into emails is now more straightforward, enhancing your email composition experience.

Password Titles for Better Organization

You can now add titles to your saved passwords, making it easier to manage and locate them.

Spotlight and Audio Messages

Add Events and Reminders from Spotlight

Spotlight now allows you to add events and reminders directly, streamlining your productivity.

Transcribed Audio Messages

Audio messages can be played at different speeds and are automatically transcribed, making it easier to keep up with your conversations.

Safari and Sharing Photos

Per-Profile Extensions in Safari

Extensions in Safari can now be enabled or disabled on a per-profile basis, giving you more control over your browsing experience.

Location and Format Options for Shared Photos

When sharing photos, you can now choose the location and format options, offering more flexibility in how you share your memories.

Markup and Focus Modes

Text in Shapes in Markup

You can now add text to shapes in the Markup tool, expanding its utility for annotations and note-taking.

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Focus Modes and Notifications

Focus modes can be set to silence notifications only when the phone is locked, giving you peace of mind without missing important alerts.

Weather and Software Updates

Customizable Units in Weather App

The Weather app now allows you to change units for wind, precipitation, pressure, and distance, tailoring the information to your needs.

Refresh Software Update Page

You can refresh the software update page without leaving it, making it easier to check for new updates.

Storage and Notes

Sort iPhone Storage

Your iPhone storage can now be sorted by size, name, or last used date, helping you manage your device more effectively.

Notes can now link to other notes using “>>”, making it easier to organize your thoughts and ideas.

Apple TV and Shortcuts

Restore Apple TV Using iPhone

If your Apple TV needs restoring, you can now do it directly from your iPhone.

Camera Modes in Shortcuts

Shortcuts can now open specific camera modes, speeding up your photography workflow.

iOS 17 is more than just a software update; it’s a treasure trove of hidden features that can significantly improve your iPhone experience. From enhanced security options to productivity hacks, these 30 hidden features are worth exploring. So go ahead, update your device and discover what iOS 17 has to offer.

Source & Image Credit: Brandon Butch

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