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LEGO China turns kids’ ideas into giant LEGO model window displays nationwide – togetherbe

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This initiative is part of LEGO China’s “Little Hands, Big Creations” project, launched in 2023. Spearheaded by Our LEGO Agency, LEGO’s in-house creative team, the project aims to inspire future builders by putting the spotlight on children’s imagination and creativity.

Through its official social media channels, LEGO China posted a question to kids: “What would you do if there’s a traffic jam?” Thousands of kids responded with their ideas. The brand hand-picked a selection of  submissions and created the first-ever LEGO “Blockbuster”, completely driven by these children’s creativity.

Furthermore, LEGO China gave the limelight to Xiao Ke, an 8-year-old girl and her brillant “Long-legged Car” idea. The concept, originally drawn on paper, was brought to life as a giant LEGO model. To execute Xiao Ke’s Big Idea, LEGO China collaborated with expert builders and the LEGO Jiaxing factory model team. Over 30 people were involved,  700+ hours and 200,000+ LEGO bricks were used, to transform Xiao Ke’s drawing into a tangible life-sized LEGO model. “Long-legged Car” is now produly showcased in LEGO stores across China and on LEGO’s official social media platforms.

The “Little Hands, Big Creations” platform, which highlights children’s creativity through store windows and social networks will continue to seek and support kids’ innovative ideas. As a toy brand that look towards kids as their biggest role model. The LEGO brand firmly believes that every child deserves more recognition for their unlimited creativity. And with that they have the potential to build a better world.

LEGO China turns kids’ ideas into giant LEGO model window displays nationwide

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