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Play Store to change how it shows ratings by different form factors

Google has introduced a lot of new updates to the Play Store in recent months. The search titan has already made it easier for you to discover new apps and games, which work best on your device. The Play Store also shows ratings for apps and games with dedicated icons for different form factors.

You can easily check the ratings of a particular app with dedicated rating options for phones, tablets, and even Chromebooks. Now, Google will reportedly introduce a new update for the Play Store, which will simplify viewing ratings for various devices.

Play Store will soon start displaying app ratings inside the icon for different form factors

Currently, the Play Store displays app ratings for apps with dedicated icons for different form factors. You can tap on any of the dedicated buttons to view the exact user ratings for various devices. However, in a new APK teardown, Android Authority and code sleuth AssembleDebug have found a small but important tweak to this functionality.

The sources have found a more convenient way of viewing ratings by form factor in version 41.7.16-31 of Play Store. In the latest change, the Play Store will start displaying ratings right inside the dedicated icons for different devices. So, you will no longer have to tap on the icon to view the app or game’s rating for a particular device. It appears to be a small but welcome change, saving you a couple of seconds of your time.

The new tweak to the Play Store ratings appeared in the latest beta version of the app. Moreover, the feature was only spotted after an APK teardown of the latest version. So, there’s no clarity on when Google will make this functionality available to everyone. There’s a possibility that Google may simply remove the new tweak and show the ratings as they are displayed right now.

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Another update for Play Store will soon open installed applications automatically

Google will also be adding another feature to the Play Store in the near future. The upcoming feature will automatically open applications after they are installed. Called App Auto Open, it will be an optional feature, which users can easily switch on or off.

Soon, there will be an option to activate the auto-open functionality right below the Install button. It should be available to the public in the upcoming versions of the Play Store soon.

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