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In a world where news debates have degenerated into a chaos of biased voices, Emmanuel Upputuru, Founder of EFGH brand innovations, has released a video demonstrating a simple hack for all panellists who find it challenging to express their points of view on television news shows.


In the video Upputuru seamlessly integrates himself into various news debates, brandishing a simple tool: a piece of paper and a powerful message.

#ShowYourVoice: How It Works
The video opens with an inspiring quote by Desmond Tito: “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument”. Then it asks, “But how do you share your perfect argument on news debates. Haven’t they become like fish markets? Guests talk over each other. Guests are constantly interrupted. Some don’t even try to speak. Some are even muted. Next time you are invited as a guest, don’t feel voiceless. Try this hack:

Then Upputuru appears out of nowhere in one of the news debates and holds out a piece of paper with the line: Take a piece of paper. Write your main argument. Show it to camera. Hold till they get it.” Each line in a different debate on a different channel.

Empowering Every Voice
Despite being invited to share insights, many guest panelists often find themselves muffled by the cacophony of louder voices, leaving their perspectives unexpressed. EFGH’s innovation ensures that even if the fellow panelists or even the host attempts to drown out a voice, #ShowYourVoice provides an alternative, accessible channel for communication. No longer will important perspectives be lost in the verbal crossfire.

News channels are often accused of being biased. Recently some political parties even boycotted shows where they felt they won’t be given a fair chance to speak. #ShowYourVoice has been designed to empower all such guests, so they can go boldly and participate in any debate.

Upputuru said: “News Debates are very disturbing. It’s a landscape where nobody seems willing to listen to others’ perspectives. I am tired of seeing panelists struggle to make themselves heard over the clamor of voices. The solution seemed obvious, like I was wondering why don’t they just #ShowYourVoice. I believe every voice needs a chance to be heard, and #ShowYourVoice is a hack for democratizing the freedom of expression. I hope this will force hosts to not take guests panelists for granted and find a way to let everyone express themselves and hosts better shows.”

The Future of Panel Debates
As #ShowYourVoice makes its debut in the world of news debates, Upputuru envisions a future where discourse is not just vocal but visual. This tool marks a significant step towards more inclusive and meaningful discussions on even the most contentious issues.

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