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Fender Telepath Wireless System: No dropouts, endless battery life

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Fender Telepath aims to solve a couple of issues that wireless systems on stage can encounter. Fender promises low latency, high stability, and a lengthy battery life. The company also announced several utilities to celebrate the ongoing 70th anniversary of the Stratocaster and a new multi-output power supply.

Fender Telepath Wireless System: 5.8 GHz and 4 milliseconds

You’ll likely run into a number of issues with wireless guitar systems on stage, such as latency (i.e., the delay between what you play or sing and what you hear) when you use a digital system, battery life, and, above all, stability. The frequency band most budget digital wireless systems from Harley Benton, Boss, Nux, or Positive Grid operate at is 2.4GHz. On stages with several of these systems, different transmitters and receivers can often lead to dropouts. And with many of these less pro-grade devices, there is no way to change the band as you can with more expensive models.

Fender Telepath Wireless System
Fender Telepath Wireless System · Source: Fender

The Fender Telepath Wireless System aims to do things differently. This model transmits at 5.8 GHz with a latency of just 4 ms! Fender also promises up to eight hours of battery life. Regarding the digital system’s range, we get a stage-worthy 21 meters (70ft).

The Fender Telepath Wireless System lets you connect up to three transmitters to one receiver, which is handy if you switch between guitars during a gig. You can pre-order the wireless system now at Thomann*. However, Telepath won’t be available until late summer 2024.

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Happy birthday, Strat – let’s celebrate with these accessories!

It’s not just Thomann that’s turning 70 this year, but also the Stratocaster! It’s a bit of a coincidence, isn’t it? Fender started celebrating the birthday of its most famous guitar at the end of 2023. And it has not stopped celebrating the Strat with new special models since then. But there’s also a whole range of accessories to go with the Fender Telepath!

Fender Poly Strap for Stratocaster's 70th birthday
Fender Poly Strap for Stratocaster’s 70th birthday · Source: Fender

Let’s start with the Fender Strat Anniversary Poly Strap, a polyester guitar strap printed with the 70th Anniversary logo. If you’re a big Strat fan, you can get the Poly Strap from Thomann. The range now also includes a particular anniversary guitar cable at 10ft with nickel-plated plugs, which you can also pre-order from Thomann.

  • 10ft Strat cable
  • Fender Strat Anniversary Pick Tin

If you would rather not spend a lot, you can celebrate with the Fender Strat Anniversary Pick Tin. It’s a small storage box containing twelve medium-strength picks made of tortoiseshell celluloid—in the traditional 351 pick shape! They have a vintage look, complete with gold-foil embossing of the Fender logo. You can get the set from Thomann.

Fender Engine Room LVL12 – Giant pedal board power supply

Let’s not forget about the Fender Engine Room LVL12 Power Supply! The smaller versions with five or eight connections were already available. But like Harley Benton, Fender has also noticed the trend towards large pedal boards – as with the Fender Telepath wireless system!

Fender Engine Room LVL12
Fender Engine Room LVL12 · Source: Fender

The Fender Engine Room LVL12 Power Supply gives you 12 isolated power connections. Ten of these provide 9 V at 500 mA. On the other two power outputs, you get to select variable levels (9 V/12 V/18 V) using a 3-way toggle or slider. In addition, the IEC socket on the back lets you daisy-chain additional Engine Room power supplies in series, so you can power even larger pedal boards!

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You can get the Fender Engine Room LVL12 Power Supply from Thomann*. It’s available now.

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