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Erling Haaland stars in new spot highlighting the peaceful aspect of Midea via F5 Shanghai – togetherbe

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During the European Championship, Midea AC launched a new spot, produced by F5 Shanghai, in the European market. The ad features football sensation Erling Haaland, forward for Manchester City.


Creating effective celebrity endorsements is challenging, especially when it comes to generating a compelling synergy between the star and the product. Without this connection, the brand risks merely paying for the celebrity’s popularity without leveraging their full potential, ultimately wasting the endorsement fee.

At the end of 2023, Erling Haaland signed on as Midea’s global brand ambassador. Known for his powerful shots and precise goals for Premier League’s Manchester City and the Norwegian national team.

On the field, Haaland exhibits a unique blend of strength and serenity, highlighted by his powerful shots and his distinctive “meditation” goal celebration. This duality makes him the perfect face for Midea’s new PortaSplit AC.

The commercial opens with Haaland demonstrating his football skills, with dynamic shots that emphasize both his and the product’s strength.

The scene then transitions to Haaland meditating, effectively highlighting the “peaceful” aspect of the AC.

Haaland’s rigorous training schedule allowed only a 20-minute window for the shoot, conducted at Manchester City’s training academy in Manchester, UK. The production team had to adapt quickly, moving from a complex set to a minimalistic green screen setup to focus on Haaland.

Due to the time constraints, the team opted for a minimalist background with green screen technology, which allowed them to focus entirely on Haaland. The London-based production crew rehearsed with stand-ins to ensure precise lighting and camera angles, enabling Haaland to deliver a seamless performance within the short time frame.

To enhance the visual appeal and compensate for the lack of a real-world setting, animation effects were added. Dynamic lines and explosion effects highlight the “Powerful” aspect, while a lotus animation during Haaland’s meditation scene enhances the “Peaceful” quality.

Recent reports indicate that the PortaSplit AC model featured in the commercial has been a resounding success in Germany, selling out shortly after its release. The product’s design addresses key consumer needs, offering a powerful and portable cooling experience with low noise levels. Haaland’s endorsement has significantly boosted these impressive sales.

By combining Haaland’s dual characteristics with Midea’s innovative design, this commercial sets a new standard in celebrity endorsements, proving that with the right synergy, the collaboration can achieve extraordinary results.

Erling Haaland stars in new spot highlighting the peaceful aspect of Midea via F5 Shanghai
Erling Haaland stars in new spot highlighting the peaceful aspect of Midea via F5 Shanghai

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