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Chrome for Android will soon be able to auto-revoke site permissions

Google’s Chrome is the most popular internet browser on both the desktop and mobile platforms. It provides one of the best browser experiences one can find today on almost all devices. The search engine giant continues to improve the user experience by continuously adding new features to the popular browser. Google is now testing a new Chrome feature for Android, which will auto-revoke site permissions to improve overall security.

Chrome’s new feature for Android will auto-revoke website permissions to improve security

According to the X user @Leopeva, the upcoming feature is currently available in the latest build of the Chrome Canary version. As per the source, the new Chrome feature for Android devices will auto-revoke website permissions to improve security. This feature will let users enable the option to allow Chrome to auto-revoke permissions from sites that they don’t visit often.

The screenshot shared by the source suggests that the new feature will be available in Chrome’s Site settings page. It can be easily toggled on or off. When switched on, Chrome for Android will automatically revoke the permissions users granted to websites they haven’t visited recently. It will essentially improve the privacy of the users. It will also ensure that the sites can’t misuse the permissions the users granted earlier.

It’s worth mentioning this feature has already been available on Chrome for desktops for quite some time. However, it is the first time we are seeing it being tested on its Android counterpart, at least in the Canary build.

As of now, it’s not clear when Google will begin rolling out the new feature for Android or iOS devices. However, since it’s available in the Canary version, it shouldn’t take much time to reach the Stable Channel users.

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Chrome for Android is also getting another feature to help you manage inactive tabs

Furthermore, Chrome for Android is also getting another important feature in the near future. The upcoming functionality will help users to declutter and manage inactive tabs. It will automatically manage and delete inactive tabs. The users will have the option to decide if inactive tabs are automatically closed after 60 days.

The feature is already live in the Chrome Canary version for Android. It is expected to be available to all users in the upcoming Chrome updates.

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