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Samsung’s future foldables may feature full-screen fingerprint sensors

Samsung could be working towards full-screen fingerprint sensors for smartphones. A newly discovered patent application from the company describes a display setup comprising a full-screen fingerprint recognition layer. The new technology allows users to unlock their devices by touching any display part. This solution could be particularly beneficial for foldable and rollable smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 7, anyone?

Samsung’s patent describes a full-screen fingerprint recognition sensor

Despite being a global leader in the foldable industry, Samsung has yet to implement under-display fingerprint scanners on its foldables. From the first-gen Galaxy Fold (2019) to the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6, every model features a side-mounted capacitive sensor embedded into the power button. The company likely sees this as a more logical solution since a single sensor allows you to unlock the device in folded and unfolded states.

However, the size of the Fold sometimes makes it inconvenient to reach the power button when unfolded. Considering the device’s price, consumers deserve better. The Fold lineup should boast the best of everything the smartphone industry has to offer (it lags S series in cameras too, but that’s a different story). Some rival companies have already introduced under-display fingerprint scanners to their foldables, so that’s an added reason.

It appears Samsung has a plan to one-up its rivals, at least in terms of fingerprint recognition on foldables. Noted leakster David Kowalski (aka xleaks7) recently collaborated with Thenerdstash to bring a Samsung patent for a full-screen fingerprint recognition technology for smartphones. It uses a layer of specialized sensors under the display. This layer is capable of reading fingerprints across the display and not just over a designated place on the screen.

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While the patent documents describe its applications across a wide range of display products, this solution may be best suited for foldable and rollable smartphones. A confined fingerprint sensor doesn’t quite complement the big screens on these devices. It would be much better if we could unlock the device by placing our fingers anywhere on the screen. No need to carefully look for the fingerprint scanner’s location on the display.

Samsung foldable rollable full screen fingerprint technology patent 3

Could we see this technology on the Galaxy Z Fold 7?

Like with any other patent application, there is no way to tell if Samsung is actively working on this full-screen fingerprint recognition technology. It may be something the company has in the pipeline for the future. As far as its implementation on the Galaxy Z Fold 7 is concerned, we have doubts that will happen. The technology sounds too futuristic today. Rumors about the next-gen foldable should start coming in once the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 are out of the way. The sixth-gen models arrive on July 10.

Samsung foldable rollable full screen fingerprint technology patent 2

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