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Google Vids AI video generator is now available, but not for everyone

Tools based on generative AI are proving capable of practically everything. Lately, the AI-powered video niche has been constantly growing and receiving new options. Now, Google is getting on the bandwagon by launching Google Vids, which members of the Workspace Labs program can test now. However, this tool is more focused on the work or business environment.

Google Vids is an AI-powered tool for video creation. According to the company, the goal of Vids is “telling stories in work environments.” In essence, it works the same as other video generators. But its focus on the business environment gives it some additional capabilities to intervene in the creation of the video.

Workspace Labs-enabled users can now test Google Vids

People can use the tool to, for example, create a video that shows the achievement of a company’s goals. It can also generate a video that shows the employee training process for different positions. The media files can even describe the day-to-day lives of the different departments of the company. In all cases, with a professional-style presentation.

Google Vids AI video generator is now available, but not for everyone

People enrolled in Workspace Labs can now test Google Vids to generate their first videos. Like other similar tools, it all starts with a prompt. According to Google, the prompt should describe “your idea with goal, audience, and length.” With the prompt ready, you’ll get a base storyboard to work on. From there, you can tweak it according to the output you are looking for. You can even include documents or files directly from your Google Drive account.

You can even add your own voice to the video

During this stage, you can also add specific points about what you are looking for. You can also choose a specific style for the video. After completing this stage, you will see a video UI edition with a timeline. There, you can explore all the multimedia content available to add to the video timeline. You can also add voice, either your own or a default one.

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Being focused on the workplace, Vids is not as creative as Sora or Kling. In fact, the final output will be composed of stock videos, images, and music. However, the result is quite suitable for a professional presentation. Lastly, if you are not enrolled in Workspace Labs, you will be able to test Google Vids in the coming weeks. The tool will be part of the Gemini for Workspace suite.


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