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A different tribute to MAA (Mothers of Adults with Autism) from The Misfits Camp and Project Inclusion Network – togetherbe

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On Mother’s Day, a heartbreaking film of five mothers sharing their journeys in raising their children diagnosed with Autism was launched. The film starts with a sensitive reality called “Filial Piety”. This is the belief that children should take care of their parents when the latter become older, to repay for their upbringing.


In reality today, this is quite impossible for some, especially mothers of adults with autism. With sons and daughters now in their late twenties, the question: How will they survive when their parents are gone?” haunts family members.

These five courageous mothers shared their journeys- from the moment they discovered their children’s disorder to the coping mechanisms they developed and the sacrifices they willingly made. Their narratives underscored three recurring themes: the criticality of early detection, the necessity of active parental involvement, and the staggering financial burden of medical and educational support for the neurodiverse.

The film also sheds light on the mothers’ fears for the future and the potential solutions organizations like Project Inclusion Network and The Misfits Camp could offer. Through their dedicated efforts, these organizations provide these families with a glimmer of hope and support, offering a lifeline in the face of uncertainty.

Project Inclusion Network’s Executive Director Grant Javier feels grateful that his organization has helped many neurodivergent find employment, he shares “We know that opportunities abound. But most PWDs (persons with disabilities) are not able to access them, especially in the area of employment. Our network is an NGO that focuses on training, education, and providing access to jobs and even livelihood for persons with disabilities. I’m delighted to hear that our moms and kids here are very grateful for our network’s help. This is close to my heart because I also have a son with Autism. I also had their fears for the longest time. I’m happy to give hope and provide a future for these families and children.”


As for adults with Autism gifted creative talents, there is hope for a future in the creative industry. The Misfits Camp, a non-stock, non-profit organization, helps assess, train, and bridge divergent creatives to a career in advertising, production, and social media.

Chairmom and Founder Merlee Jayme, said: “All these years, I’ve worked with many global creatives, and I’ve never seen talent from adults with Autism: different brains, amazing skills. So, we’ve opened our doors, invited them, and assessed their creative capabilities. We are now training them, honing their skills, and letting them show more of their abilities than their disabilities. Why did we create this film? Because most of the focus is usually on the children, not the mothers. We want to help mothers and all parents of Adults with Autism never lose hope. We all believe that given the right guidance and mentoring, they can have a bright future ahead of them. And, take care of them when they’re old and gray.”’

Filial piety, or debt of gratitude to parents, is an important traditional Filipino value that most adults with autism try to uphold. With all their mothers’ support, sacrifices, and undying love, they try their best to give back in any way they can.

Director: Mike Calaquian
DOP: Marcee Lacap / Dom Dycaco
AD: Alexa Calaquian
Hair and Makeup: Joanne Calaquian
Editors and Colourist: Mike and Natasha Calaquian

A different tribute to MAA (Mothers of Adults with Autism) from The Misfits Camp and Project Inclusion Network
A different tribute to MAA (Mothers of Adults with Autism) from The Misfits Camp and Project Inclusion Network

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