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Samsung builds massive hype for Galaxy Z Fold 6 debut on July 10

The countdown has begun for Samsung‘s next Unpacked. The big launch event on July 10 will bring a host of new products, including the Galaxy Z Fold 6. The company is trying to build hype around the new foldable ahead of its arrival. In a blog post, the Korean firm recounted how the Fold lineup has evolved over the years with consistent improvements.

Samsung builds up hype around the Galaxy Z Fold 6 ahead of its launch

A lengthy post on Samsung Newsroom takes us through the company’s foldable journey that began in 2019. The first-gen Galaxy Fold, which saw multiple delays due to various factors, was the world’s first globally available foldable smartphone. It was a challenge that the Korean firm took and delivered. The device had its fair share of issues but it ushered the industry in a new category of smartphones.

The following year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with an upgraded hinge that allowed it to unfold at multiple angles. The benefit? Users could mount the foldable at an angle to easily take group photos or make video calls hands-free. The third-gen model, i.e., the Galaxy Z Fold 3, brought another revolutionary technology to the foldable industry. It was the world’s first waterproof foldable.

The Fold 3 featured an IPX8 rating (Flip 3 too). It was no easy task and Samsung takes pride in it. All subsequent Galaxy foldables are waterproof, though the Korean firm has yet to achieve an official IP rating for protection against dust. In the meantime, Samsung has made the hinge slimmer to reduce the device’s thickness and weight. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Fold 5 are more portable than older models.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 AM AH 02

Samsung hints at a thinner and lighter Fold 6

Last year’s model is also Samsung’s first Fold with a gapless hinge design. When folded, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 doesn’t leave a noticeable gap between the two halves of the device. It is 13.4mm thick when folded and just 6.1mm when unfolded. The device weighs 253 grams, a whole 10 grams lighter than the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

In fact, Samsung has consistently reduced the thickness and weight of its foldables. The original model had measured 17.1mm when folded and 7.6mm when unfolded. It weighed 276 grams. The company prominently displayed these stats in its blog post. It is probably a hint at a thinner and lighter Galaxy Z Fold 6. Rumors say the new model will be 12.1mm/5.6mm thick and weigh just 239 grams. Not a long wait not before Samsung makes the phone official.

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