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GREYnJ United + Bar B Q Plaza support Thailand’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill via Pre-Wedding Campaign – togetherbe

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June is Pride Month, when the world’s LGBTQ communities across the globe come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves. This year is truly special for Thailand as the same-sex marriage bill was scheduled for review, followed by a final senatorial vote on the same-sex marriage bill. This took place on June 18 and was overwhelmingly passed by the Senate.


As it was a landmark moment for LGBTQ+ rights, GREYnJ United Bangkok and Bar B Q Plaza, a Thai self-cooking barbeque restaurant, wanted to show their support and celebrate this important moment ahead of the votes.

The ‘Pre-Wedding Campaign’ allowed any couple who wished to support the same-sex marriage bill to voluntarily sign an individual marriage certificate from Bar B Q Plaza to support all forms of love.

The consent certificate included the statement: “Bar B Q Plaza designed the marriage certificate to confirm our belief that love should not discriminate against a person based on their gender or any other status.

“Love is a powerful force. When two people choose to love, they are entitled to take care of each other and build a strong family. This is simply because love is a human right everyone deserves to enjoy equally.

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“We always believed that this judicial recognition should soon become true. If you believe it too, we want your voice and support for the legalization of the same-sex marriage bill to promote equity in love.”

The certificate’s art nouveau design incorporated the curves of plants and flowers, and the variety of flowers illustrates the diversity and inclusivity of love. In addition, the conch shell, ‘Shankha’, symbolizes divine connection.

GREYnJ United + Bar B Q Plaza support Thailand’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill via Pre-Wedding Campaign

The acknowledgement and campaign underscores Bar B Q Plaza’s brand purpose of ‘Make the Most of Now”, highlighting the significant role of mealtimes empowered by the brand’s family values.

Rath Takulthai, Chief Marketing Officer at Food Passion Co., the operator of Bar B Q Plaza, said: “Back in 2015, our restaurant business was rooted in the love of cooking by the founder’s family who served high-quality food products with a joyful experience. Since then, our intention has expanded, and we now continue to feed bigger families across the nation to ‘make everyone happier’. For this historic step, Bar B Q Plaza wanted to join the LGBTQ+ community in pushing through the legislation to foster love and familyhood as we firmly believe in equality for all. Everyone can love and be loved with no discrimination and boundaries.”

Sompat Trisadikun, CCO of GREYnJ United, added: “The pre-wedding campaign reflects the brand’s belief in supporting all forms of familyhood, whether heterosexual or same-sex partnerships. Making real change in public policy aligns with the true spirit of Pride Month, which brings equality for all.”

The campaign gained positive feedback on social media with high engagement by the public through comments and shares. In addition, nearly 100 same-sex and heterosexual couples attended the campaign activation and signed the certificate.

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Campaign touchpoint: Bar B Q Plaza Facebook Fanpage.

Client: Bar B Q Plaza
Rath Takulthai – Chief Marketing Officer
Narongwit Pantharaksakul – Head of Digital Marketing & CRM
Krongkwan Singto – Digital Marketing Manager
Sompat Trisadikun – Chief Creative Officer
Jiradej Penglengpol – Executive Creative Director
Smach Chotitat – Creative Group Head
Pat Deesawat – Senior Copywriter
Ornwara Sangsuk – Art Director
Client Service
Kanokkorn Seehapan – Chief Operating Officer
Vorawan Kaewket – Account Management Director
Thanit Wongsudta – Account Manager
Production and Design
Kamonluck Mungwattana – Senior Project Manager

GREYnJ United + Bar B Q Plaza support Thailand’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill via Pre-Wedding Campaign

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