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Baby Audio Humanoid: Create Retro Sci-Fi Vocal Effects and more!

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Baby Audio Humanoid: Retro Sci-Fi Vocal Effects  · 

Baby Audio

With Baby Audio Humanoid, you can transform any vocalist into a futuristic android. You’ll never be regarded as “only human” again!

This time, software developer Baby Audio has dug deep and delivered one of its deepest and most advanced processors yet. With powerful vocal tuning and phase-vocoding capabilities, you can create unique vocal effects for music and sound design applications.

Baby Audio Humanoid

At the center of Humanoid is an FFT-based processing engine, designed for re-tuning vocals while maintaining a textured sound with clarity that cuts through the mix. This is not a subtle effect by any means, but it can still be used to create unison vocal layers or harmonies that add depth to your productions.

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However, if you are looking for robotic hard-tuned effects, you can expect an extraplanetary experience. With Humanoid’s morphing capabilities, you can transform vocals into synth voices with a choice of 64 wavetables and the ability to import your own.

The interface is divided into three main areas:

  • Pitch: Here you can set the key you’re working in and access the quantize, robotify, and formant controls.
  • Synthesize: Shape the voice with the waveform selector and the fun begins with the transform, shape, stretch, note shift, and octave controls.
  • Filter: You also have a parametric midrange band as well as resonant high-pass and low-pass filters to accentuate any part of the frequency range.
Baby Audio Humanoid
Baby Audio Humanoid · Source: Baby Audio

Meanwhile, Baby Audio has also included some very useful tools within the Utility section. These allow you to set the pitch range, de-ess and smooth the vocal or remove background noise with the gate.

In addition, there is an effects section with widen, warble, buffer, and freeze controls. Each time you click the little cog icon next to any control, you open up further parameters with more in-depth sound-shaping power.

Overall, Humanoid presents an exciting new platform for vocal manipulation. The level of detailed control is impressive, and although it has extensive processing capabilities, it still looks easy to navigate.

Pricing and availability:

Humanoid is currently available from Plugin Boutique.

More about Baby Audio Humanoid:

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Baby Audio Humanoid: Retro Sci-Fi Vocal Effects

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