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​​Briburayu teams up with K-pop group SEVENTEEN for Indomilk UHT Korean series campaign – togetherbe

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However, this trend has resulted in advertisements that often appear similar, blurring the distinctions between brands. Frequently, the idols overshadow the brands they represent, causing confusion among consumers. In this landscape, where numerous brands in Indonesia have adopted K-pop idols as ambassadors,

“Many brands hastily choose brand ambassadors without thinking about how to use them effectively. As a result, all brands get stuck in the same trap,” said Reyhan Valiant, Chief Business Architect at Briburayu.

In this new campaign for Indomilk, the emphasis is on ensuring that the brand’s attributes shine stronger than the idols themselves. This strategy ensures that the audience’s interest is piqued not just by the presence of their favorite idols but also by the appeal of the product itself. S.COUPS, representing the Dalgona Coffee flavor, reminisces about Dalgona as a nostalgic candy flavor from his childhood, perfectly sweetened. Wonwoo, representing the Banana flavor, describes it as a milky-fruity taste that is distinctly Korean. Vernon, representing the Goguma flavor, highlights its authentic Korean sweet potato flavor profile.

Briburayu’s creative team has carefully crafted not only the advertisement narrative but also the entire look and feel of the campaign to be as natural and authentic as possible. The visual style is distinct, designed to highlight the unique attributes of Indomilk while seamlessly integrating the charisma of Vernon, S.COUPS, and Wonwoo.

“Milk is not just for children. Its benefits are also important for young adults who need energy. Besides health benefits, the taste of milk is crucial. Indomilk chooses flavors inspired by popular Korean culture worldwide. One of our strategies is understanding their desires and preferences authentically Korean.” said Vanda Ratana, General Manager Marketing of PT Indolakto, a subsidiary of Indofood CBP.

Central to this campaign is Briburayu’s proprietary Peacock Method, a unique approach to understanding what fans truly love about their idols. This method has enabled Briburayu to create distinctive and precise ideas that resonate deeply with fans. By utilizing the Peacock Method, the campaign incorporates engaging dialogues and clever puns that have been enthusiastically received by fans. Phrases like “Carats Kepo, cobain yow” and “manisnya pas” from the video have sparked conversations among the audience, further amplifying the message and strengthening the brand’s presence.

“We believe that the essence of the brand should always shine through,” said Galih Dion (Galon), Chief Narra-tive Architect at Briburayu. “By focusing on the brand story of Indomilk and integrating it seamlessly with the experiences of Vernon, S.COUPS, and Wonwoo, we create a unique and memorable campaign that resonates with our audience on a deeper level.”

​​Briburayu teams up with K-pop group SEVENTEEN for Indomilk UHT Korean series campaign
​​Briburayu teams up with K-pop group SEVENTEEN for Indomilk UHT Korean series campaign

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