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Samsung’s One UI 7 may finally bring this basic privacy feature

Samsung could add an important privacy feature to One UI 7 a feature that should have been there for a long. Newly spotted evidence suggests the next major One UI update, which will introduce Android 15 to Galaxy devices, will bring a built-in app locker. Yes, Samsung’s custom Android skin inexplicably cannot lock or hide apps from the app drawer. The company may finally fix this shortcoming.

Samsung is seemingly preparing an App Lock feature for One UI 7

One UI is one of the most feature-rich Android customizations. Samsung has heavily customized the stock Android to give its Galaxy devices a completely new look for a unique user experience. From features that add to your productivity and the device’s functionality to extensive privacy and security measures, One UI doesn’t disappoint with its experience. Well, it’s a subjective matter but the Android industry has certainly seen worse customizations.

Moreover, Samsung always improves upon its tweaks based on user feedback and its internal evaluations. However, despite repeated requests from Galaxy users from all parts of the world, the company refrained from adding an app locker to One UI. This left users with no choice but to grab an unreliable and often ad-laden third-party app for locking apps. The Secure Folder feature isn’t quite suited for hiding apps from the app drawer.

Thankfully, that’s changing with the arrival of One UI 7 later this year, if we are looking at a genuine leak. X user @tarunvats33, who is often spot-on with his Samsung tips and leaks, recently shared a cropped screenshot showing a new option called “App lock” listed below Dual Messenger. The latter is an existing One UI feature that lets you create a copy of supported apps and set up a second account without interrupting the original account.

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Dual Messenger sits under the “Advanced features” section of Samsung’s Settings app. There is no “App lock” option in Galaxy devices running the latest One UI version, i.e., One UI 6.1. This means the screenshot is from an upcoming build. Samsung will introduce One UI 6.1.1 with its new foldables. So there’s a chance this app locker will debut as early as next month. If not, it seems set for a launch with One UI 7 unless the screenshot is fake.

The big update may be delayed

Rumors say Samsung will delay the Android 15-based One UI 7 update for Galaxy devices to focus on a speedy release of One UI 6.1.1 for older compatible foldables and a big One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy S24 series in July or August. We don’t have specifics, so we can’t tell whether this delay will affect the beta rollout, stable rollout, or both. Last year, Samsung began One UI 6.0 beta in the second week of August and followed up with a stable update in late October.

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