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Samsung’s Galaxy Ring faces competition from Circular Ring Slim

Circular, the fitness and health tracking startup making smart rings, has launched a new model. The Ring Slim (2024) is an upgraded version of the same ring that debuted in November 2023. It boasts improved battery life, stronger build quality, and new health features. The wearable will take on Samsung‘s Galaxy Ring.

Circular launches Ring Slim (2024) just before Samsung’s Galaxy Ring

Smart rings are set to take over from smartwatches, offering all the health-tracking benefits in a much smaller package. You get a longer battery life and a free wrist for traditional timepieces and other accessories. Although you need a phone to check your health stats from the ring, let’s face it, most of us are on our phones more than enough anyway.

Oura is currently the biggest name in this industry, which is still in a nascent stage. Circular is another name that comes to mind when we mention smart rings. The firm has been around for several years now and just launched its most advanced offering. The new Ring Slim reportedly addresses all the issues users reported with last year’s original version.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring faces competition from Circular Ring Slim

For starters, it features an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, so you can wear the ring worry-free during workouts, swimming sessions, or your morning run under light rain. It can also withstand a dip in water for some time. Circular has also improved the scratch-resistant coating on its surface. It shouldn’t catch scuffs and scratches as easily as the original Ring Slim.

The upgraded version comes with a bundled compact USB-C charger that can charge the ring directly from your phone. It isn’t like you need to charge the wearable often, though. Despite being the world’s thinnest (2.2mm) and lightest smart ring (2 grams), Circular’s Ring Slim can last up to two days on a single charge. When used in Eco mode, the company claims a runtime of up to six days.

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Circular Ring Slim 2024 2Circular Ring Slim 2024 2

The new Ring Slim features an upgraded sleep algorithm to accurately measure and monitor your heart rate, SpO2 levels, temperature, and breathing rate while sleeping. This gives you a deeper sleep analysis, with Circular claiming a 79% accuracy in recognizing sleep disorders. The firm has also added a new Sport algorithm for heart rate monitoring. It is tailored for sporting activities.

Samsung may launch its first-gen model next month

Circular’s new smart ring comes just weeks before the rumored launch of Samsung’s first-gen Galaxy Ring. Rumors suggest the Korean firm will price its ring at $300 and above. If true, Circular marginally undercuts it. The Slim Ring (2024) costs $281/€259/£226 and doesn’t require any additional subscription. Meaning that you get access to all health features with the ring. It’s unclear if Samsung will keep any Galaxy Ring feature behind a paywall.

Circular Ring Slim 2024 4Circular Ring Slim 2024 4

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