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Habbo Launches Classic Version of Game on Mac in Throwback to 2005

If you were a kid who grew up using the internet in the early 2000s, there is a good chance that you heard of Habbo Hotel. Once a massively popular virtual world with millions of players, the game slowly died out over the years as the young teenagers who played it eventually became adults and moved on with life.

With the modern version of Habbo no longer offering the experience that older players remember, a classic version of the game has long been requested. And today, that wish finally became reality with the launch of Habbo Hotel Origins.

Habbo Hotel Origins is nearly a carbon copy of the game as it existed in 2005, complete with nostalgic features like the console for messaging friends, a purse for in-game credits, and a virtual hand that holds your in-game items (aka furni).

“After discovering an old decrepit server with some long-lost files at the beginning of this year, over the past six months or so long-time Habbo developer and player Macklebee has lovingly restored an old version of Habbo Hotel first released in 2005,” said Habbo, in a blog post announcing the launch of the game.

Habbo Hotel Origins Welcome LoungeHabbo Hotel Origins Welcome Lounge
You’ll need a new account to play Habbo Hotel Origins. To sign up, go to the website, click on the “check-in” link on the left side of the page, download the Habbo client for macOS or Windows, and create an account within the game. Yes, that means you have another chance to secure a rare username that you missed out on as a kid. I snagged the username iPod, so feel free to send me a friend request!

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Once you have created an account, you can relive classic public rooms like the Welcome Lounge, Habbo Lido, and the Hallway. Many guest rooms have already popped up too, with players discussing their memories on the game.

Just like in the good old days, Habbo Hotel Origins is available on desktop computers only. You must be 18+ to sign up for this version of the game, rather than 13 on regular Habbo, or even 11 in the earliest days. With many players woefully admitting they are in their 30s now, I suspect that isn’t much of an issue. It’s a fresh start for everyone, with blank rooms just asking to be decorated with Plasto chairs and Yukka plants.

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