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Galaxy S24 Ultra to get a fresh look with new color option

Samsung may soon introduce a new color option for the Galaxy S24 Ultra in some markets. Teasers posted on its social media handles suggest the company is preparing to bring the Titanium Yellow variant to markets like India. This shade is already available in the US, the UK, Europe, Australia, the UAE, and several other regions.

Galaxy S24 Ultra could get a new color in some markets

Depending on where you live, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes in six or seven colors. The default global shades include Titanium Violet, Titanium Gray, and Titanium Black. Samsung also offers three additional colors exclusively through its online store: Titanium Green, Titanium Blue, and Titanium Orange. On top of this, several markets get a Titanium Yellow variant as the fourth default option.

Samsung is seemingly preparing to launch the latter globally. A teaser posted by Samsung India on Instagram hints at a Yellow-colored Galaxy S24 Ultra. “All set to welcome a fresh new look for something (already) epic!” the company captioned
the post featuring multiple images of a lady holding a sunflower. Only the flower’s petals are colored (in yellow, obviously), while the rest of the image is monochrome.

The post emphasizes the color yellow everywhere, including an image with “Epic shade” text in yellow. It’s enough to tell us that Samsung is preparing to launch an existing product in yellow in India. The “epic” reference, coupled with the fact that the Galaxy S24 Ultra already comes in a yellow shade in several other markets, decodes the whole thing. Buyers in India should soon be able to pick the new flagship in Titanium Yellow.

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We don’t yet have a launch date, though. There is also no information regarding the potential launch of the Titanium Yellow color in any other market where it isn’t already available. However, if you are planning to buy the yellow variant of the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the next few days and it isn’t available in your country, you may want to wait a bit longer. Keep checking Samsung’s social media handles for potential clues.

Samsung India is offering exclusive discounts to students

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is available in three configurations: 12GB+256GB, 12GB+512GB, and 12GB+1TB. They cost ₹129,999 (approx. $1,560—smartphones are costly in India), ₹139,999 (approx. $1,680), and ₹159,999 (approx. $1,920), respectively. Purchases made through HDFC Bank credit or debit card are eligible for an instant bank discount of ₹6,000 (approx. $72), while students get an additional 7% discount on the phone.

Galaxy S24 Ultra to get a fresh look with new color option

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