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These iOS 18 Features Aren’t Coming to iPhones Until iOS 18.1 or Later

iOS 18 includes many new features for the iPhone, but not all of them will be available when the update is initially released in September.

Below, we have listed all of the features that will not be available until a later version of iOS 18, according to Apple’s website. The features should begin rolling out with iOS 18.1 in October and iOS 18.2 in December, with more to follow next year.

Mail Categorization

iOS 18 Mail CategorizationiOS 18 Mail Categorization
In an update to iOS 18 coming later this year, the Mail app will gain four new categories powered by on-device intelligence:

  • Primary: Personal and time-sensitive emails
  • Transactions: Receipts and confirmation emails
  • Updates: News and social media notifications
  • Promotions: Marketing emails and coupons

These categories will be available on devices set to English, and All Mail will remain an option.

The app will also be getting a new digest view that shows emails from a single business, such as various emails from United Airlines ahead of a flight.

Some Apple Intelligence Features

iOS 18 Siri Personal ContextiOS 18 Siri Personal Context
A subset of Apple Intelligence features will be available on iPhone 15 Pro models and newer when iOS 18 is publicly released in September, but only with the device language set to U.S. English. The features will have a “preview” label initially.

On its Apple Intelligence page, Apple says “some features, additional languages, and platforms will be coming over the course of the next year,” but the company has not shared specific details. In his Power On newsletter last weekend, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said some Siri features powered by Apple Intelligence are unlikely to launch until 2025, including personal context, on-screen awareness, and deeper per-app controls. He also said Apple Intelligence will not support additional languages or regions until next year.

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Gurman does expect Siri’s redesign and more natural voice on the initial release of iOS 18, along with Apple Intelligence features that can improve your writing, prioritize notifications, summarize messages, generate custom emoji, and more.

Control Robot Vacuums With Siri

Roomba and HomeKit FeatureRoomba and HomeKit Feature
Robot vacuum support in the Home app is coming an update to iOS 18 later this year, allowing you to ask Siri to clean your floors and so forth.

Apple says the Home app will support the “core functionality” of robot vacuum cleaners, such as vacuuming, mopping, power control, cleaning mode, and charge status. Robot vacuums will also work with automations and scenes in the app.

Electricity Usage in Home App U.S. Only

Another new feature coming to the Home app in an update to iOS 18 later this year is the ability to view your home’s electricity usage right in the app. This feature will be available for Pacific Gas and Electric Company customers in the U.S. who have residential electrical service, so long as they are the account owner or an authorized user.

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