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Here’s when the next Galaxy Unpacked will happen

We’ve all been wondering just when Samsung’s going to launch its latest and most exciting phones. Well, wonder no more, as the date for the next Galaxy Unpacked event has just been leaked.

Samsung typically holds two main Unpacked events during the year. We already saw the first one where it introduced us to the Galaxy S24 phones and Galaxy AI. Now, with several major tech events behind us like Google I/O and WWDC, we’re looking forward to the next one.

The date for the next Galaxy Unpacked event just leaked

Evan Blass, the noted leaker, just gave us a nifty sneak peek at when Samsung’s going to host its next event. In the GIF, we see that it’s going to happen on July 10th. Also, there’s this large countdown counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds. It’s 25 days from today.

Here’s when the next Galaxy Unpacked will happen

This confirms the theory that Samsung is pushing its Galaxy Unpacked events earlier in the year. Last year, Samsung’s second Unpacked event took place on July 26th. That’s more than two weeks later than this year. Also, the Unpacked event in 2020 took place on August 6th. So, Samsung is moving its launches earlier in the year. That might be a good move once Apple eventually launches its foldable devices. It’d be better for the company to create as much space between it and Apple’s launch event as possible.

What we’re expecting

Right now, we know that Samsung is going to announce its latest slew of flagship foldable phones; the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. We’re in the dark about what models to expect. We’ve been following rumors about Samsung announcing a more affordable Galaxy Fold under the FE series and a more premium model with the Ultra moniker. Also, we’ve been following rumors that the company will launch a more affordable Z Flip phone, but that one might have been squashed.

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In fact, we got word that Samsung is raising the price of its Flip phones. The 256GB Galaxy Z Flip 6 could cost $1,099 and the 512GB model could cost $1,229.

Along with its foldable phones, we’re also going to hear about the company’s latest smartwatches. Samsung is most likely going to announce the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra. It just recently announced the Galaxy Watch FE, which is a rebadged Galaxy Watch 4.

Let’s not forget about AI. Of course, Samsung is going to be talking about what’s new with Galaxy AI and how it’s going to impact the Galaxy experience. So, if you’re excited about what Samsung has in store, mark your calendar!

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