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A new Standard in Vocal Correction?

Synchro Arts VocAlign 6: A New Standard for Vocal Correction?  · 

Synchro Arts

The popular vocal timing correction tool is more intuitive than ever. What new features are available with Synchro Arts VocAlign 6?

LANDR acquired the UK plug-in developer Synchro Arts back in 2021, and now aims to make VocAlign the industry-standard audio alignment tool.

What’s new in Synchro Arts VocAlign 6?

VocAlign is available to users in two versions, each with a slightly different focus. What was VocAlign Project 5 is now VocAlign Standard, the basic professional vocal alignment processor.

Synchro Arts VocAlign Standard
VocAlign Standard · Source: Synchro Arts

Here, the feature set has been maintained, with functions like the Tightness Control, SmartAlign, and Alignment Presets. In addition, the GUI has been improved with better scrolling and zooming functionality, as well as collapsable feature panels.

Furthermore, an interesting option includes the Arm Capture All function that allows you to capture all the tracks within your DAW session in a single click.

Synchro Arts Vocalign Pro
VocAlign Pro · Source: Synchro Arts

Meanwhile, the bulk of the new features are only available to Vocalign Pro (previously Vocalign Ultra) users:

  • Process Groups: This feature acts in a similar way to a template for applying the same settings across all selected vocal layers.
  • SmartPitch: Uses pitch-matching to intuitively align vocal parts.
  • Sync Points: The algorithm used to analyze and sync audio files has been improved, offering greater accuracy.

Overall, the software is more efficient and effective. However, the new benefits are mostly for Pro users so keep this in mind.

Pricing and availability:

VocAlign Standard, VocAlign Pro, and the relevant upgrade versions are currently available from Thomann.

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More about Synchro Arts VocalAlign 6:

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Synchro Arts VocAlign 6: A New Standard for Vocal Correction?

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